My 1st Vegan Experience

my first vegan experience



To be honest, when I think about vegan food its synonymous with eating paper 😂 As an adventurous food loving Libra I decided to give it a try; because healthy is the new sexy. So I took the leap and visited The Good Life – it’s located in the Hastings area. It’s a cool vibe place like Bob Marley meets surfer dude. Not only is it five minutes from the beach, the food is legit. Love at first bite. Everything was freshly made and the service was excellent. Good service gets 100 points from me. I had an all veggie spinach wrap which was so big I had to take home half, brown rice (chicken ) I broke the rules there and of course a smoothie. ( I swear they soothe my soul ). I should mention they are not exclusively vegan as the menu states it is An Eco -Cafe, and Bar. Anytime you are in Barbados or in the area; give it a try. When it comes to good food I don’t discriminate. 

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11 thoughts on “My 1st Vegan Experience

  1. Lo says:

    I don’t think I could ever go fully vegan. However I have tried vegan burgers that were fresh off of the grill and to be honest they weren’t that bad. Had a really good flavor and actually had the same grilling smell. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try other options!

    • I will take a look at that documentary . I am trying to be more conscious of what I eat and buy not just healthwise but from an environmental perspective . Thanks for reading

  2. Because you have said vegan food isn’t that bad, I think I will try it. But seriously, smoothies are heaven on earth!!!!!!!! And the food looks really good, especially the pieces of chicken, lol!!!!

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