Sucess is in your Dna :Hidden potential

We all have the potential to be great
In some, it is just hidden
Hidden by the insecurities
Thoughts of will he like me, will they accept me
Haunted by the word no, the rejection of past ideas
Daunted by the challenges that everyday life throws in our face
Voices in our heads saying no you aren’t good enough
Thwarted by criticisms disguised as  caring words
You have not got what it takes you will never have the stuff
The stuff that success is made of
Success was not designed for a select few
It’s everyone’s birthright
There for all of us to claim
It all depends on your world view
We all have a calling, a vision, a gift
That was implanted the day we were conceived
Success is in our DNA
Do not the let the words of the naysayers and negative self-talk  drown you out
Tap into your subconscious when you are faced with doubt
Retrain your brain to see the good in everything
This will help you tap into your hidden potential
You are not a loser
you were placed here to win

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

Tea mediation

There are so many varieties of tea the possibilities are endless

A cup for every individual, tea can even help us through life’s crises

A tea to heal, tea to calm, to refresh

A cup to rejuvenate you in the morn

Drinking tea is an art

An act of mindfulness that pulls you to the present

The smell, the steam the sip that warms our hearts

We give thanks as we have a cup

An expression of gratitude for life, for friends and love

A cup with our favourite treat can be a satisfying  snack

We drink from the cup of life with such gusto and appreciation

The art of drinking tea is the ultimate meditation


Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


Hump day : 3 practical tips for getting over life’s humps

Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday, affectionately known as hump day. Some weeks are never-ending and for all you guys having a rough week, it’s known as why isn’t it Friday yet.


getting over humps bajezen


In life, we are all faced with humps.Some bigger than others. The easy ones you leap over like an Olympic high jumper. Others, well they seem like mountains and you are stuck at the bottom scratching your head wondering where you should start.

Some days you wake up bright and full of energy and others getting out of bed seems so disheartening. You just want to give up. On those days you have to dig deep, really deep. My preferred way to deal with those days is to channel my inner toddler and scream, throw a tantrum. Not very mature, I know but you would be surprised how therapeutic it can be. Here are my three tips for dealing with life’s humps.

Flip da script: It’s all about perspective. When life hands you lemons, don’t get sour. Make the best out of it. As they say, make lemonade and for that really rough dilemma, a margarita will do. It’s all about how you view the challenge. So, for instance,  you lost your job? Let me just say; it won’t be your last job. Let’s think of it in a positive light. You will have more free time to pursue what you are really passionate about, whatever floats your boat. You never know what idea, inspiration may hit you. It could even lead to a whole new career. This is a chance to reinvent yourself.


Accept where you are. I am not condoning settling of any sort here. As one of my favourite motivational gurus Rebecca Boruki would say ”allow the suck”. Make peace with where you are. Sometimes despite our best efforts, we fall flat on our faces. When this happens, reflect, accept and don’t get stuck back there.  Get up, dust off and go at it again. Just roll with it. Everything is temporary. Think back to all the times you were faced with a problem, issue or challenge.  They always worked out right? Trust that even when things are seemingly going wrong, it’s all in your favour. The universe always has your back.


Find a healthy coping mechanism. Stress can wear you down and sometimes knock you out. There is a reason why meditation and yoga have become so popular. They are good for your mental, emotional and physical health. So many studies have proven this fact, don’t just take my word for it. Do your research. If these are too woo woo for you.You can read a good book, exercise, watching a good comedy. Laughter is so soothing. Have you ever tried colouring? I love my adult coloring book 🙂 It get’s me in touch with my inner child and creativity.Find something that brings you peace and gives you clarity.Inner peace can be the antidote to any of the stressors that life brings.

What do you do to cope with life ‘s humps? Happy hump day everyone. Love and Blessings





Traditional Bajan Cuisine : My 6 faves

traditional bajan food bajezen


In this modern-day society, many of the traditional customs have fallen by the wayside.

We have become so ”advanced” but are we really?  Or are we on the verge of becoming self-absorbed, consumer driven selfie taking zombies? Maybe I am being overly dramatic; I have been accused of having an overly active imagination.

People here in Barbados have complained about a lack of community spirit. The society has become more ”me” based and less ”we” based . I, however, do not like to generalise. There are still people out there who are respectful, caring and willing to share. Let’s not compare ”then ” and ”now” because as humans we all have short comings. Each generation has had their vices. There ends the preachy segment of this post.

Let’s talk about traditional Bajan food . I am going to list my six favourites. If you ever visit give them a try.

Cou Cou or Coo Coo and flying fish is our national dish. It’s a mixture of cornmeal and okra. It can go with any type of meat. I love it with pork.

Photo courtesy 


Pudding and Souse. This is what I like to call a weekend dish. We usually have  Souse on a Saturday but for me, any day of the week will do. What we call souse is pickled pork and the pudding is steamed sweet potato.  It can also be eaten with breadfruit.  Just delicious if you are not vegetarian of course.20170725_182537

Photo by Xquizeat Foods

Macaroni pie. This is the Bajan version of mac and cheese. Just baked and just as yummy. Cheesy Goodness.


Fishcakes . These are typically made with pickled cod-fish mixed with flour and seasonings to make a batter, which is then fried. When you visit, ask for a bread and two. It’s usually a salt bread with two fish cakes.


Tamarind Balls. The best of both worlds, a sweet and sour snack. Brings back childhood memories. My grand mother used to make them for us. We had a tamarind tree in our back yard. These are my bff Mich fave as well.


Image from Google

All of these dishes; you are going to need something to wash them down right?

Let’s talk about rum.   Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum in Barbados. It was established in  1703 . Rum in Barbados is as common as the beach. There are approximately 1500 rum shops in Barbados. No, we are not all drunkards lol but we know rum. The plus is most of these shops serve the traditional delicacies I have listed and many others. Rum and coke is our favourite. There are also many varieties of rum white, brown, spiced. the choice is yours.


Hope you enjoyed this little slice of  Bajan cuisine.  You can simply google any of the dishes listed if you want to experiment with any of them.  Thanks for reading.


Share your world July 24th

List some of your favourites types of teas.

To be honest I am more of a coffee kinda girl. It’s only after my pregnancy and I  could not really drink coffee that I developed a love for tea. I love red raspberry tea, lemon and ginger, peppermint and chamomile. Oh, I almost forgot chai tea. The possibilities are endless with this one :)). Here is what I am currently drinking.



What  are  a couple of things could people do for you on a really bad day that would really help you?

Just a word of encouragement would be appreciated. Taking me for a drive to clear my head and bringing me food. My favourite treats always help with the bad

Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility: If you could be an athlete what would  you do?

I would most definitely be a gymnast. I love their grace and agility. I love the outfits the routines and the fact they make it look so effortless. Strength, agility and grace. They make me appreciate the human body and how beautiful movement can be.Oh, I wish I was a gymnast 🙂


If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

No Parking sign. Today has been full steam ahead since I jumped out of bed at 6.30 am. A day full of chores and one cranky toddler. Non-stop . No parking.


What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful for the rain. It was a blessing to have some cool weather for a bit. This week is going to be a busy one. I look forward to having some downtime and catching up on my summer shows.


Fragrance can cast a spell

The power of fragrance is like a sorcerer weaving an eternal spell. Fragrance can trigger


memories good and bad. The smell of a freshly baked cake taking you back to that childhood summer day.

The smell of the ocean after a beach meditation cleanses your lungs, relaxing you and preparing you to face your day.

The smell of essential oils can be healing, rejuvenating, calming whatever you want them to be.  Fragrance has such versatility.

The scent of a lost lovers’ cologne can take you back and flood you with sensual memories.
Familiar scents can take you home even if you are in a strange place.

Fragrance can tease your senses, make you happy and blissed. Fragrance weaves tales of travellers, of lovers and adventurers; it can transport you like a magic carpet.

Fragrance can turn you into a powerful, seductive and wild temptress. The power of fragrance should never be underestimated, it stimulates the senses, stirs such emotions and transports you to wonderful places.

Daily post photo challenge :Unusual

IMAG0152 (1)IMAG0151 (1)


For this week’s challenge, my feature are these hip and cool puffer fish. Yes, that one is actually smoking.  Not a sight I see every day but these prickly ones can be seen at the Animal Flower Cave.St Lucy. These are ones from my archives. The giant shell also caught my eye as well.  When I saw this I imagined the sky as the water and the trees as sea plants. Hope you enjoy my slightly weird amateur photo entry.


Monday motivation

A dose of monday  motivation


It’s Monday and it’s raining. I know what you are thinking bleh Monday and the rain too?

I personally love the rain. It refreshes and restores and I imagine it just washing my problems away.

Mondays are usually a bit of a drag for most of us. After a weekend of fun, we get those back to work blues as we head back to the daily grind.

So here is a little Monday motivation, hopefully, this gets you going. After you have had your cup of coffee of course :))

Today let’s have a good attitude, no matter what comes our way 


Be grateful. Even if it’s just a simple expression of thanks for seeing another day.


Look for something positive to rejoice about.


Believe in yourself. Yes, you can have a great day no matter what. You will achieve your goals .Speak it into existence. Have a great Monday and go out there and slay the day.


Love and Blessings