Beginners Guide to yoga :Yoga is for everyone



What is Yoga?

The word ”yoga” literally means union . Wikipedia defines it as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in Ancient India. Yoga is an art designed to harmonize the development of the body, mind, and spirit. If you are in search of a practical way to find balance in your life; then yoga is for you. No special skills required.


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Styles of Yoga 

There are several types of Yoga. According to an article sourced from Mind Body Green  

There are 14 main types. With these varying styles, you can most definitely find one to cater to your individual needs.



Bikram or Hot yoga 











Health Benefits of Yoga 

Yoga is a superb tool for staying healthy. It is preventative and restorative. Best of all, it is a completely natural way for the body to heal itself.

Physical Benefits include :

Increased flexibility                 Increased muscle tone

Improved respiration             Improved energy and vitality 

Maintaining a balanced metabolism       Weight reduction

Improved cardio and circulatory health     Boost Immunity 

Improved Athletic Performance        Protection from Injury 


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Mental Benefits 

Any yogini can attest that the practice of yoga is an exemplary combatant for stress. Stress can often present with symptoms of back and neck pain, sleeping problems and the list goes on. Its  incorporation of movement and breathing techniques can boost :


Relaxation of the body  

Mental clarity

 Improvement of mood

It can also aid with depression. 


Common yoga poses or asanas include :



Warrior 1-2-3

Downward facing Dig 




Bridge Upward facing dog 


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If I have convinced you and you want to give yoga a try you can find several helpful beginners videos on YouTube. For those of us who are more social, you can sign up for a class in your area. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few of the channels I have tried in the past :

Tara Stiles 

Boho Beautiful 

Yoga with Adriene 

Eckhart yoga 

Sunina Young 

So there you go are you psyched about getting started? Just grab a mat and begin your journey of total well-being today. I will list below a couple of other websites for more in-depth information. Happy Transformation Tuesday. It’s a new month do something good for yourself today. Namaste 






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  1. I would LOVE to do Yoga — I just need to find the time as currently when I try do exercise, my kids clambour all over me! Haha! My oldest boy (7) loves doing Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube though – like LOVES loves it! x

    • I can relate to the kids clambering over you lol . It is hard to find time to exercise sometimes . I will check out the kids channel 🙂 Thanks for commenting

  2. Eve @ Wild Green North says:

    Thanks for the post. I do a bit of yoga at home but am gathering up the courage to go to a class sometime.

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