The garden of your mind :Inhabit

What thoughts inhabit the garden of your mind?

Start with a soil rich in faith and love
Plant the seeds of positivity
Work hard, persevere to nourish the seedlings of your dreams
Pluck the weeds of resentment, regret, and negativity
Eradicate the pest that is fear
Fear can hinder all growth and progress
Reminisce  but never dwell on past flowers that have withered and died
Remember everything has a season
Living in the past achieves nothing
Focus on the present, your garden, here and now water it with hope and zeal so it can flourish 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Daily prompt : Synchronize

Life is all about duality. There are failures and celebrations. Some moments we live in despair and others are so breathtaking: Like heaven on earth. Sometimes everything comes together so perfectly. A need is fulfilled unexpectedly, that job comes at the perfect time, we find hope and inspiration in a moment of despair. The universe always reminds us that we are safe and protected.

Just examine Nature.  Everything is perfectly synchronized.
The rhythm of the ebb and flow of the ocean.
The changing seasons, fall, the brilliantly colored leaves falling in unison.
The sun and rain play delightfully to create a rainbow.
A mother and her newborn exchange glances and a permanent bond of unconditional love flourishes.
Two souls meet unexpectedly and an unbreakable bond is created.
There is always a balance, a connection even though unseen. God at the helm, the invisible thread guiding us.  Synchronizing the events of our lives.Peace is found in the chaos. Blessings in the imperfections.   Everything is always right on time.

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Toxic love : Visceral

A woman obsessed
Overcome by an intense ardor
Erratic emotions
Smouldering flame of desire
Something about him made all her reactions visceral
Self-control, all reasoning flew out the window
Illicit, forbidden like the ”precious”
The Gollum personified
Her soul scared by every embrace
Caressed by the devil
The sweet pain, malevolent,  but so enticing
Inner turmoil, trapped and addicted
Beauty became the beast, Jekyll, and Hyde
Lunacy, no way out
The emotional monster loomed, ready to overtake
Too gut-wrenching to leave
Threatened to be destroyed if she stayed

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 


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It's all about energy : Ooze

Life is all about energy. Everything is energy. As much as possible I try to spread positive vibes. What kind of energy do you exude?

O- Ooze confidence but never be cocky. Humble is sexy. 
O – One step is all it takes to start on the journey of completing your goals.
Z – Zero: the importance you should attach to the opinions of others .Let nothing or no one define your self-worth.
E – Energy is precious. Do not waste your time on negativity.Trust the process. Embrace the journey and make the best of the life you have been given. 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 


Heartbroken :Ooze



Daggers of betrayal
Ghosts of unfulfilled expectations
Shards of half-truths
Promises are always a comfort to a fool in “love”
With a heartbreak, lady-killer, roue
Deluded, shattered heart oozes pain with every beat
Will it be repaired, grow cold or will it heal?

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Left in a lurch


She lay broken, bare, confused by it all
Unfortunate circumstances are thrown at her unexpectedly
Stuck in a tornado of tragedies
Unable to view the glass as half full
Clinging to the last sliver of hope
Feeling as though life had left her in the lurch
She clawed out of that dark hole of unfulfilled expectations
Realising a pity party would not resolve the situation
With fresh determination, she would change her focus
Energy surged as she reflected on what was good
Life was not about perfection
Metamorphosis: the pain , the struggles
Would transform her into the beautiful butterfly she was destined to become

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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Water baby .. Ooh Shiny !

Always guaranteed to distract me: Water.  This was the highlight of my usual Sunday walk through the park. The fountain is never on. Yesterday it was, what a pleasant surprise! It caught the attention of lots of others who stopped to take pics . I guess I am not the only one in love with water ! So relaxing and pretty. OohShiny!!