Educate .. Empowerment Through The Quest for Knowledge

In this life, you will learn whether you want to or not. Every day we sit in the classroom of life. We are constantly in evolution and are always presented with lessons. Some we absorb others we ignore. 
Today’s daily prompt is: educate. Here are a few of my thoughts inspired by the word of the day.



E- Everyone deserves the right to a proper education. This applies to formal education and also upbringing. I believe everyone should have a happy home life. In a perfect world, this would be the case.  

D- Do your own research. Critical thinking is a must. Open your mind to any and all possibilities. Do not just accept what you are taught.

U- Never underestimate someone’s potential for learning. We all learn differently. Having ”book sense” is not the only prerequisite for a successful life.


C- Curriculum. Can we adjust what is taught in schools to be applicable to real life? How about how to boost your self-esteem courses. Practical tips for saving. Courses that actually teach skills on how to cope with the everyday hurdles of life. I think meditation and mindfulness can be taught from a young age so we can create a society or more peaceful well – rounded individuals.    

A- All students are valuable. We all have a unique contribution to make to this world. Let us celebrate what we are good at and try not to force people into molds of what we think is acceptable.

T- Teachers. There is not enough praise for the contributions of good teachers. Their dedication is admirable. They help nurture and shape the minds and lives of our youth.We as parents must also be diligent teachers and set a good example and teach our children to respect everyone.

Education empowers. Education not only expands our minds but provides us with the knowledge and self-confidence to stand up for ourselves and our rights. Education unlocks the key to hidden potential, ignites our creative powers and enables us to earn.



Images from Google. Thoughts by Tachi Wiltshire 

21 thoughts on “Educate .. Empowerment Through The Quest for Knowledge

  1. Great post. Couldn’t agree more. Especially on the teachers part, I feel like they don’t get the appreciation they should (at all) so there indeed never is enough praise for them!

  2. Thank you so much for this amazing, inspirational post!:) I believe teachers are incredibly important, but I know, because I was a teacher for years, that parents are with their children the majority of the time. Therefore, my hope is that parents will embrace their roles as teachers and see their children’s teachers as partners in the journey to educate their children!:)

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 I know some parents think it is the teacher’s job to train their children as well . It is really an unfortunate way of thinking .

  3. Love this post-Tachi, such wisdom, and inspiration. I really think parents need to take more initiative on teaching general life skills as well as things like budgeting and saving. These are things that will be so useful and not generally taught as much in the school system here.

    • Thanks for reading . They are not taught here either. I will try my best to educate my daughter about money . Although I must admit finances have always been baffling to me

  4. Mich W says:

    Awesome post! Every child learns differently and instead of making that child conform to how you want him/her to learn, embrace the way that the child learns and go from there. Some children are visual learners some do better auditory learning. Each child really has their own unique way of learning.

  5. Bee says:

    Great post, I couldn’t agree more with this especially the part about teaching more practical courses. Growing up they eliminated “Home economics” in my school district which is really sad as I found it such a fantastic class where I learned a lot of foundational information/skills that I still use today. I know a lot of young people who were never taught these same skills and struggle learning them on the fly or just try to get by without.

    • I would never think of eliminating Home Economics. I learned so much from that class. It was one of my favorites. I honestly believe they should have a course on subjects such as budgeting and self-love in schools. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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