Individuality Is True Genius


bajezen poem about genius


Passion the genesis of genius
A highly charged mind can be the vehicle of a masterpiece
Most grand ideas start with a sprinkle of madness and a huge dose of creativity
We are all blessed with different talents hidden, buried deep inside
All we need is inspiration, a tiny spark, to tap into to them
Bring them to life
Imagination is what makes life magical
Remember when you were a child and saw the world as this big ball of possibility
Believe in yourself, stick to your guns, never doubt your ability
Many will say that it can’t be done because they can not grasp what’s going on in your head
Dream big, dream often, a life without soul is no different than being dead
The genius approach to life is to live it simply
Pursue the things that make you wish you never had to sleep
Most importantly, however you choose to spend your life make sure it makes you happy.
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

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