Letting Go Of Attachment To Outcomes Expectation Vs Reality

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”Be open to everything and attached to nothing ” Wayne Dyer

When I first heard this quote It took me a while to wrap my head around it. How could I live and not have great expectations? How am I to accept when things go wrong ? Being attached to outcomes is a sure-fire way to be disappointed. How long did it take me to make peace with this? Well, the honest answer is I still have not. Not totally. It is a learning process, a work in progress.

We often are so stuck in our ideas of how we want things to be that we spend a lot of time hating how things are. The result is and will always be misery. Think about it at any given point in your life everything is never always ideal. There will always be things that you want, need and may never have.When you dwell on what is lacking all you will see is lack. The way I see it the only true purpose of life is to be happy. Are you going to let not getting what you expected to affect the way you live your life?


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I was watching a series this past week about happiness and I have come to realise your level if happiness relies heavily on your expectations. Your expectations coupled with your perspective. There were people who we in the developed world would consider to be poor yet they were happy and blissful. Why ? Because they expressed gratitude for the little things they had and were not thoroughly obsessed with what they don’t have. We tend to do that a lot. If you still believe stuff makes you happy then you are sadly deluded.

I meditate on this statement daily.
Life can make a turn so quickly it is best to be hopeful but never be tied to any particular outcome.
You expect people to treat you as an equal to love as you do. Some won’t. People will be what they are. Accept or do without them.
So maybe you aren’t in your dream job or haven’t met one of your dreams. You look around at others and in comparison, you feel thoroughly disappointed. Why ? The expectations do not meet the reality.But really what is so terrible about your life?

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I challenge you today to focus on what you are grateful for.
Celebrate your wins no matter how small.
Know that if you do not get what you expect something better is coming along b.
Do not put your faith in the flesh.People are unpredictable.
When faced with an issue ask yourself is this something I can change?? If not accept it and move on. It may not happen in a year. It may not happen in a day but eventually, you get over the things that once bothered you.
As always I love to hear from you.

Do you think expectations always lead to disappointment?  Share your views below :))


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15 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Attachment To Outcomes Expectation Vs Reality

  1. mistegirl says:

    I think wanting outcomes and aiming for them isn’t a bad thing, but for sure being too attached can have a huge impact on your happiness. If you spent your life dreaming of your yellow corvette you will own some day will you be unhappy if you someday have a red Ferrari? Aim for general goals like happiness, being a kind person or general prosperity and understand that the enjoyment is often from the journey, that’s my take 🙂

  2. mistegirl says:

    PS – I stole the car analogy from something I heard from Mike Dooley, check him out if you don’t know his stuff already, he’s pretty awesome

  3. Thanks for this post, Tachi. The practice of non attachment is eastern in origin and I love it. It helps me regulate my own processes of need, allowing me to balance and be sober, looking clearly at what I am absolutely clinging to, and therefore, giving me insight on what is present in the moment). I love the practice of gratitude and of giving thanks for the great and the small, I release and surrender it to the allness of Spirit. <3 Blessings and Light, Evelyn | http://www.pathofpresence.com

    • Thanks for commenting . I now only recently am diving into non attachment . It is very freeing and the practice of gratitude can help you so everything in a more positive light

  4. Totally agree, a lot of times expectations lead to disappointment! I try to always keep an open mind on my “wants” and “needs”. Great post as always Tachi!! 💕

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