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Hi there Lovelies,
I have decided to do a series on Barbados during the month of November. Barbados became independent on November 30th, 1966. If you are curious about this beautiful island that I call home: stay tuned for some fun facts, pictures and tidbits. Welcome to Bajan Things: An Independence Series. 



Today’s highlight is The Pride Of Barbados or Caesalpinia pulcherrima.It is also known as peacock flowers, dwarf poincianas and red bird-of-paradise.A member of the pea family this vibrantly coloured flower embraces the heat as it grows all year round. This one is truly a gardeners’ delight as it flourishes in almost any type of soil. If untrimmed it can grow as tall as ten to  fifteen feet. The most common varieties are a mixture of vibrant red/ orange and yellow petals. There are also some which are all yellow; a perfect representation of the glorious sunsets we get to experience daily.




You can find the Pride of Barbados in Queen’s Park and Independence Square in the heart of Bridgetown. The capital city of Barbados. Since it grows in any soil you are likely to spot them while out and about around the island. If you are a plant lover or just a lover of exquisite things this one will surely grab your attention.

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Does your country have a national flower? Share your answers in the comments 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pride Of Barbados : Bajan Things An Island Like No Other

  1. Jack bransson says:

    These flowers looking so pretty. i wish i can go to japan one day because they have the best flowers in the world.

  2. Barbados is so beautiful. I have it on my bucket list to make it there someday soon! I love your national flower I am very much into flowers myself and would love to come see them in person! Thank you for so much good information on Barbados I now have a better handle on what I would want to do when I finally get there.

    • Thanks for commenting . Glad you enjoyed it . I hope you make it here . I live about five mins from the beach ☺this is just a small part of the series for this month .

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