Seven Days Seven Photos Challenge 10-31-2017


Day 1

Black and White Photo Challenge!

Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life – challenge!

The rules of the game:

No people.

No explanation.

Challenge someone new each day.

seven days photo bajezen

Thank you, Lynley, for the nomination.

Today I nominate Caribbean Curl 

Tuesday Photo Challenge : Sun , Sea And Sand

sun sea bajezen


This week’s challenge is the perfect opportunity to feature my favourite place on earth: The beach. Island life is all about the sun, sea and sand and of course lounging with a little cup of something to give you a buzz. Here is my entry for this week ‘s challenge: SAND 



Sand Art 

bajezen .blog sand sand sand sand 5


Sand In My Toes  

Bajezen sand in my toes 1

bajezen sand in my toes 2

The tamarind takes me back to childhood. Tamarind balls are a favourite snack here. 




The Main Attraction Always is the Beach  

bajezen beach 1bajezen beach 2 beach 3

Trying to capture Mr Crab, of course, he ran away beach beach beach beach beach 7 beach 7 beach 8



Tuesday Photo Challenge Hour

Tuesday photo ChAllenge


For this week’s challenge, I found some inspiration in Bridgetown the capital of Barbados. I took a few shots of various clocks about town as I was doing my weekly errands. I also, of course, have a throwback and of course, no hour post would be complete without Happy Hour! 

The Careenage and Parliament Building Clock 

bajezen tues photo barabdos








bajezen parliament
A shot of the Parliament building clock October 4th 10.32 am


Broad Street Bridgetown  

bajezen collande mall
The Diamonds International Clock. I don’t think it works. October 4th 207 11.00 am



bajezen btown
The Collande Mall October 4th 12.05 pm
collande mall bajezen
Close up of the clock


St.John’s Parish Church 

sundial bajezen
The Sundial St . John’s Parish Church Cemetery December 2nd 2012


Happy Hour 


cafe sol bajezen
Happy Hour At Cafe Sol
bajezen limegrove
Happy Hour at Limegrove


Old Year’s Night 2016

This was an extended happy hour we hit three bars that night our last stop was at Drift Beach Bar for pizza and fireworks. Time Flies!

bajezen limegrove
Limegrove Lifestyle centre bar side December 31st, 2016 11.30 pm
Drift Beach Bar December 31st, 2016 11.45 pm
fireworks bajezen .blog
Fireworks on the Beach 12.00 pm January 1st, 2017 On the deck of Drift Bar St.James



Beauty in the Dark

People often associate the dark with fear and ugliness. There can be beautiful things discovered in the dark. In dark times we discover our greatest strengths.  The darkness brings sunsets, bright lights, and my favorite the moon. Here is my entry for this week.


beauty in the dark

On the Boardwalk 

2010-04-02 15.10.392010-08-14 08.14.122010-08-14 08.10.01

Views From The 13th Floor

2010-07-17 13.30.552010-07-23 09.35.08IMG_265920170809_215550 (1)20170809_215520 (1)2010-07-14 14.06.07

Overcast Beach day And Beach Bar View  

IMAG08222010-08-08 08.26.12

Trying to Capture the Moon


A Nightcap  Before Bed – Rum and Coke  

20170122_195430 (1)