Soursop Punch

It’s soursop season here in Barbados. I remember when I was younger we had a tree in our back yard with these funny shaped prickly green fruits. I decided to make some soursop punch today as I am trying to include some healthier foods into my diet.



What is Soursop?

According to Wikipedia, The soursop is the fruit of the Annona muricata, a broad leaf flowering evergreen tree. Its exact origin is unknown.


What does it taste like?

It is creamy like a blend of banana and coconut. It may have a slightly tart citrus flavor with a hint of strawberry and or pineapple. The taste to me is really very unique and oh so delicious.


What are some of the Health Benefits?

The soursop is rich in Vitamin B, C, and antioxidants.
Some health benefits include :
Anti-inflammatory – Soothing pain and improving flexibility caused by arthritis or gout.
Relieves congestion and soothes irritation caused by respiratory ailments.
Relieves stress and can aid with insomnia.
The seeds can be pulverized, made into a paste and used as a beauty treatment which can reduce blemishes, wrinkles and age spots.
It contains unique organic compounds which can fight cancer.
It improves gastrointestinal health.

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What can I make with it?

Soursop can be used to make tea (the leaves ) drinks, ice cream, smoothies and other tasty desserts. It is also applied to the skin as a beauty treatment. 

Here’s what you need to make Soursop Punch 

A ripe soursop . You will know it is ripe when it is soft to the touch.
2 Plastic containers
A strainer 

 A fork and spoon for mixing
A pitcher 
Nutmeg and Vanilla essence (or extract )   Sugar or sweetener of your choice 
Water  and Milk of your choice (I used evaporated milk )


  1. 1) Peel the soursop and break in into segments. Remove the heart which is in the middle and usually harder and a different color to the flesh.


2) Place segments in the strainer and run through until dry. Repeat until you have completed all segments.

3) Place dried soupsop and seeds into a container with water. You can run this through the strainer once more and toss.



Depending on the yield you can add more water (if it is too thick ) A bit of nutmeg, milk, vanilla essence and sugar (or sweetener of your choice). Mix according to your taste. 

 Place in the fridge and chill. You can place some of the punch in an ice tray and pop them in the freezer for a refreshing snack. Or if you have small plastic bags available you can make what we call In Barbados ”sucka bubbies”  or cool aids.  

 I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe. It is quite tasty and exotic.Let me know if you guys would give this a try. Love and Blessings Tachi

Sources Wikipedia and . Featured Image from Google.  

Breakfast at Bliss Barbados

breakfast at bliss Barbados bajezen .blog

This past Friday me and one of my best friends Marvin decide to go treat ourselves to breakfast at Bliss Cafe. 20170901_114054


Bliss cafe is located in St. Lawrence Gap, Dover and as the name suggests you can find a slice of happiness here. It is a family owned cafe that caters to all your breakfast, brunch and lunch needs. They designed the menu with everyone in mind as they are vegetarian. Gluten free and vegan options.



I love the location. It is a stone throw away from Dover beach. It is cool and breezy. It just gives off an all-around positive chill vibe. The customer service was excellent and the food is just yummy. Not to mention it is very affordable. A feast for the eyes, a treat for your tummy and a place to relax and recharge. There is also free Wi-Fi.Next time you are in Barbados pop in, you won’t be disappointed. 


There were so many great options on the menu I just literally wanted to get everything! I kid you not. I ended up ordering the raspberry waffles, turkey ham flatbread, and a mocha drink. The food is not just pretty it is satisfying too. I really do not concern myself with calories. I had the works chocolate, melted cheese, whipped cream, and coffee. It tasted hella good.Two thumbs up and five stars from me. Here is a little food porn 🙂 20170901_110236


Corners of Barbados .

Views from various corners of Barbados. Focusing on the corners of structures and scenes that caught my eye. Hope you Enjoy 🙂 

Bathsheba -St. Joseph

2013-09-08 13.50.55

2007-01-01 00.58.08

2013-09-08 11.46.56

2013-09-09 12.03.21

Farley Hill -St . Peter

2013-04-13 15.32.002013-04-13 15.34.04

Bridgetown Barbados 


This last one is painted on a restaurant located on the corner of my favorite beach. I think it’s unusual but oddly attractive. I have weird tastes. 


The Essential Tourist Guide : Fun things To Do In Barbados

So you are planning a trip to Barbados and wondering what the heck do I do when I get there? Need some ideas? Here is a list that is just for you :


Let’s go to the beach : 



Barbados has approximately 61 beaches, For all, you beachaholics out there it is basically Vitamin Sea paradise. Some of the top rated beaches are :

The Crane Beach – St.Philip  

Bath Beach St. John 

Mullins – St.Peter 

My personal favorite is Browne’s Beach. The water is pristine and there are four beach bars and water sports activities for those looking for a good lime

Let’s go Sailing:

 A catamaran cruise is the ultimate fun in the sun experience. Snorkeling, food, and drinks or just relaxing in the sun. A slice of luxury mixed with a whole lot of laid-back fun.

These were the top rated ones :     


Cool Runnings 

Silver Moon 


Let’s hit the road:

The Bajan vintage open bus tour is a smash hit with tourists and locals alike  barbados_bajan bus

They offer four types of tours :

The Beautiful Beaches Tour

The Party Bus Crawl

Unesco Bajan Heritage Tour 

The Attractions Lunch Tour 

Check them out


Let’s go Cave Exploring :

One of Barbados greatest natural treasures is The Harrison’s Cave Located in St Thomas. It is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the island.


The Animal Flower Cave is Barbados’ only accessible sea cave. It is located in North Point. St .Lucy . It has a children’s play park, stalls selling craft, art, and jewellery. There is also a restaurant that serves some delicious cuisine.



Let’s go horseback riding:

The most popular venue offering horseback riding was Ocean Echo stables in New Castle St. John . Go explore the countryside or  beach


Let’s explore Nature:

There are so many bountiful nature spots in Barbados. Great for the entire family, nature lovers, photographers there is something here for you. The tops spots include  :

Andromeda Gardens  St. Joseph 

Flower Forest  St. Joseph 

Welchman Hall Gully St. Thomas 

Farley Hill National Park  St. Peter 

Orchid World  St George 

Hunte’s Gardens St. Joseph 

Folkestone Marine Park St.James 

Gun Hill Signal Station St. George 


Let’s learn how to surf:

Another activity for the beach lovers. According to Trip Advisor Bodie’s  Surf School has been awarded the certificate of excellence in 2014-15-16. They also offer windsurfing, stand up paddling and kite surfing. Check them out at

I hope you enjoyed this post. Now all you have to do is plan your getaway.  We look forward to having you here. Love and Blessings


I recently found a more comprehensive guide written by the lovely Jen Miller check out 100 Best Things To Do in Barbados 

As a local, I can attest that she did a pretty awesome job. 

A Taste Of The Good Life : My 1st Vegan Experience

vegan bajezen



To be honest, when I think about vegan food its synonymous with eating paper 😂 As an adventurous food loving Libra I decided to give it a try; because healthy is the new sexy. So I took the leap and visited The Good Life – it’s located in the Hastings area. It’s a cool vibe place like Bob Marley meets surfer dude. Not only is it five minutes from the beach, the food is legit. Love at first bite. Everything was freshly made and the service was excellent. Good service gets 100 points from me. I had an all veggie spinach wrap which was so big I had to take home half, brown rice (chicken ) I broke the rules there and of course a smoothie. ( I swear they soothe my soul ). I should mention they are not exclusively vegan as the menu states it is An Eco -Cafe, and Bar. Anytime you are in Barbados or in the area; give it a try. When it comes to good food I don’t discriminate. 

good life cafe bajezengood life menu bajezengood life menu 2 bajezengood life cafe smoothiegood life cafe bajezengood life wrapsgood life rice bajezenhemp facts bajezengood life bajezen

Check them out on Trip Advisor