My five fave inspirational newsletters

It’s kind of hard not to get lost in the crazy of life sometimes. I think we all have had days where we feel a little down and just need a little jolt of inspiration. When I am having a bad day or moment I look to my inbox for a pick me up (also to my coffee cup). Here are my favorite inspirational newsletters.

five newsletters for inspiration bajezen.blog
Grace noteshttp:gracespace.co these are short and precise.
They always leave me with something positive to reflect on throughout the day
Hay house -The forever wisdom of Wayne Dyer. I can not express how much his words of wisdom have helped me with my self-discovery journey (still a work in progress ) we can all do with little words of wisdom. Hay house also offers several other newsletters and resources. Something to fit any and everyone’s needs.

Love notes. Musingsofanearthangel.com -The name alone makes me smile. Like love letters from a stranger aimed and making me feel good 😁

Bernadette Logue – pinchmeliving.com this I recently subscribed to after having downloaded her free affirmations. Listening to them on my daily commute to and from home. She discusses a wide range of topics and also offers practical tips.
Plum Deluxe –plumdeluxe.com This newsletter combines inspirational messages and food. Tea, cake you name it. You may find a new favorite to add to your recipe collection. Who doesn’t  love cake ??
Every day we are all surrounded by such negativity it can all get a bit heavy. I try to inject some bit of positivity in my life whenever possible. On that note, I would like to encourage anyone looking for daily inspiration while on Instagram to give @doseofinspiration246 a look. Or you can visit her website https://www.doseofinspiration246.com/