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Tuesday Photo Challenge : Sun , Sea And Sand

sun sea bajezen


This week’s challenge is the perfect opportunity to feature my favourite place on earth: The beach. Island life is all about the sun, sea and sand and of course lounging with a little cup of something to give you a buzz. Here is my entry for this week ‘s challenge: SAND 



Sand Art 

bajezen .blog sand sand sand sand 5


Sand In My Toes  

Bajezen sand in my toes 1

bajezen sand in my toes 2

The tamarind takes me back to childhood. Tamarind balls are a favourite snack here. 




The Main Attraction Always is the Beach  

bajezen beach 1bajezen beach 2 beach 3

Trying to capture Mr Crab, of course, he ran away beach beach beach beach beach 7 beach 7 beach 8