How To Have A Successful Blog With Minimal Money

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You will find tons of articles claiming shortcut techniques to increase traffic on your blog and earn millions from ads.


But is it true?


Can anyone follow those shortcuts and maintain a successful blog?


The answer is no! Maintaining a successful blog is an art, and one has to become an artist to earn bucks. 


Before you think of your blog as a money tree, you must have the zeal and enthusiasm of being a passionate content writer. The talent of marketing your blog, designing the posters, and some digital marketing skills should be learned before starting this journey. 


Even if you hire the best content writers and spend thousands on paid promotions, your blog will still take time to become popular. 


But today, in this article, we will discuss the ways by which you can run a successful blog with minimal money. How much to spend on paid promotions and how many content writers or graphic designers to hire? Let’s find an easy answer to all these questions.


Decide The Niche 


The web might suggest you choose ‘technology,’ ‘politics,’ or ‘business’ as the most searched niche, but you can choose any! Select that niche on which you always wanted to work on and can write about it quickly. E.g., if you ever wanted to start a food blog, then don’t get confused about whether it will have good traffic or not. 


Select a niche that you can handle later on in such a way that you don’t go short of ideas in the future. Based on the niche, start hiring content writers and graphic designers. For starting, you can hire freelancers to get your job done efficiently and quickly.


Select A Domain Name


Depending on your budget, decide on whether you will buy your own custom domain name or use a popular platform like Survey says that the money-making blogs have their custom domain names, and they use BlueHost, HostGator, 1&1 Hosting, etc. domain name providers.


While doing content writing and bringing your blog/website at the top, SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) matters a lot. You must use ‘’ or ‘’ domain and try to keep the domain short, i.e., less than 15 words.


Quality Over Quantity


It’s the biggest mistake rather than a myth that uploading innumerable articles every day will help you grow traffic. A big NO! Ask your content writers and editors to focus more on SEO, keyword quality, and keyword density than writing numerous articles every day.


Follow the strategy followed by your competitors and decide the number of articles to be uploaded each day. Find trending topics and write plagiarism-free content. The articles should be specific and match the niche of your blog. 


Market Your Blog


Social media platforms will bring organic traffic. Through your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram page, it will make your followers visit your blog. You can take the help of paid promotions as well (paid advertisements on Instagram are advised). 


Along with this, write some articles on popular platforms like,, Reddit, and Quora. Hook your social media followers with few digital campaigns and regular stories and posts that ultimately force them to visit your blog. 


Take The Help Of Email Marketing


To bring more people to your blog, you can use email marketing services provided by MailChimp or Aweber to send updates about your blog to more than 1000+ people at one time. You can use custom templates to send emails that will attract more people.


Through your blog, you can build an email list by offering free e-books and magazines which require filling up their email id. This way, you can collect a considerable database too!  

email marketing



Use AMP Plug-in And Google Analytics


This initiative by Google speeds up the web page using JS and minified CSS code. It’s more helpful when websites are opened on mobile phones. 


Using Google Analytics, one can keep track of keywords, statistics, number of visitors, etc. By doing this, you can change your strategies and find out which topics and keywords are best to use.



Enable Permalinks


If you are using WordPress, don’t forget to use the feature of permalinks. It will suggest you SEO friendly URLs. Permalinks are located within the settings > permalinks section of your WordPress admin page. After that, select the post name option. 




Apart from the above technical requirements, one can use freelancing websites to hire content writers and graphic designers. Depending on your initial budget, you can decide their salaries. 


Don’t bombard your team with several articles and posters; otherwise, the quality will suffer. As soon as your profit increases, it is your moral responsibility to increase the salary of your team as well. This will ensure long-lasting quality and better team formation.


PPC(Pay Per Click) ads, along with affiliate marketing, can also be tried using your website. All these are some of the best ways to start a successful blog with minimum money.

Name: Parvesh Mittal.
Social Links:
Bio: Parvesh is a digital marketing and online reputation management specialist who frequently writes about related topics.



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Affirmation Printables- Self Love and Slay by Bajezen

self love , affirmations , printables


Do you use affirmations as a part of your daily self-care routine? The daily use of affirmations can improve your perspective and increase feelings of well being.    

I think affirmations are like tiny love letters to your mind, body, and soul.


If you are lucky enough you have that one friend or a group of friends who encourage and support you no matter what. If not and you need that extra boost, use your words to motivate yourself; after all everything, we desire to be or have all starts from the inside. Words are magical they can inspire, uplift and weave a wonderful tale. Affirmations are something I use every day to motivate me and remind me of my fabulousness.


 daily affirmations , printables
Every day you are a superstar but somedays that spark won’t burn as bright as you would like. I created these 11 colorful and uplifting printables for those who love to surround themselves with beautiful things. For when you need a reminder, a whisper, a cheerleader. Let the words guide you back to your point of power. You are a work in progress; always evolving, growing, learning and expanding. Use your words to build yourself up, to learn to embrace every part of you.


Remember your words have power.  How you speak to yourself and how you treat yourself matters.

Self Love and Slay Affirmation Printables – $4.44

Zero To Zen Checklist -Free

Daily Printables – $2.22 

Your words matter 

Let them be kind 

Use them to soothe your soul 

Relax your body , calm your mind ‘

Speak of what you love , whay you want what you need 

Believe in yourself 

No matter the circumstances 

Create the vision , put in the work , speak it into exsistence  and 

You will succeed -Written by Tachi Wiltshire  (C)




The Living Well Planner -A Simplified And Organized Life

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the living well planner a simplfied way of life -bajezenIt’s never too early to plan for back to school. The Living Well Planner(R) and it’s beautiful floral design is not only eye-catching; it is functional as well. I would dare say it is the tool you simply can not live without.

With it’s non dated  pages you can use the planner virtually any time of year 

It’s for everyone 





Planner lovers 

People who love pretty notebooks – you get the picture .

When you sign up for the Living Well planner you get an exclusive membership to a FB community which provides support from other planner lovers.

Plan your class schedule. Meal plans.

Lesson plans you name it 

The Living Well Planner is now available in limited quantities for the steal of just $ 39. Floral designs NOW  available there are several reasons why this planner sells out so quickly. It’s not just a planner it’s a tool to help you design the life you love in style.

Plan. Get organized. Slay. Repeat.

the living well planner -a simplified way of life -bajezen

Do you crave a simpler and more organized life?

Well, The Living Well Planner is not just a tool to help you achieve that it’s a simplified way of life. Having a color-coded planner not only keeps you organized and on top of all those to do lists, meal plans, lesson plans, events, and budgets. Having this planner also keeps you focused on your goals. 
The Living Well Planner can help give you the motivation and clarity you need to tackle and simplify everyday tasks and slay those long and short terms goals. 

What are you waiting for Vist the Living Well Shop today    .

The Semi-Annual Sale runs from July 9th -August 16th, 2019. $39 planner, regularly $49
Other clearance items as well, as we try to simplify inventory!

the living well planner - a simplified way of life -bajezen

Do you crave a simpler and more organized life? Check out the Living Well Shop Semi-Annual Sale #backtoschool #sale #semi-annual sale #shopping #plannerlovers Click To Tweet

Getting the Living Well Planner in the mail just made me super excited. Can I just look at it? At one point I thought it was too pretty to write in. I was also overwhelmed. As a semi-organized recovering procrastinator and a person who scribbles notes literally everywhere even in my phone notepad, I thought this would be way too much for me. I mean where do I even start? Luckily it comes with tips on how to use effectively also quite luckily it is not dated and it is colored coded.

the living well planner-life simplified
Do you crave a simpler and more organized life? Check out the Living Well Shop Semi -Annual Sale

simplified and organized life
Here are some of the things I love about the Living Well Planner.

Sturdy and beautifully designed. It is as effective as it is visually pleasing. Anyone that knows me knows I love the color. I mean just look at my IG page -shameless self-promo here

It is color-coded as my girl Amanda says this saves a lot of time and trouble and you get to pick which colors you want for each event, appointment and whatever important info you need to keep track of.

It has motivational quotes. I absolutely love these little pick me ups.
There are stickers.  I love anything artsy and crafty 🙂

 It has everything you will need for simple everyday tasks, chores. Long term goals short term goals. Pages for notes. Pages to doodle.
Writing things down makes me feel as if they have already been accomplished. It makes them feel real. Remember you have the power to create anything you envision. 


Do you own a planner? What do you love about having one? 

Affirm It , Believe It , Manifest It :Monslay Motivation

affirm it -believe it -monslay motivation

 What have you been speaking into your life? It is already a new month. Welcome May Five months in the year already; that time just flew by. What do you plan to manifest this month? No time like the present to reexamine your goals and aspirations. Are you advancing boldly towards your dreams or do you remain stuck in the same patterns? It is easy to say go after your dreams, it is easy to visualize and conceptualize but taking action that is when things really get difficult.

Past failures and disappointments often times still scream at us to stay safe to stay in that place that we feel comfortable; even though that place is not even remotely benefit us. What if you had all of the things that you wished for today would you truly be happy? We are ever changing we are dynamic and nothing stays the same for long. The best we can do is enjoy the season that we are in and believe that we are going to have everything that our heart desires.

afiirm it -bajezen

It has been one of that funky energy sort of days. I know most people have a love-hate relationship with Mondays; as long as you have the privilege of breath it makes no sense hating the day, a minute or even a second of your very precious existence. Easier said than done sometimes. 

If you are currently struggling with an issue that you believe is insurmountable or you are going through something that you think no one else has just know this: You are never alone. Affirm it: I got this. I can and I will make it. Try your best to fight the funk. Even if it is something as simple as writing a note, reading or speaking something positive or reaching out to a friend. 


Maybe the year started off rocky, maybe it is not going how you have planned. Take the good points and let this be the last month that you doubt your abilities, your potential, your worth. Just because it has not manifested yet that does not mean it is not coming. It’s not a matter of if it MAY happen. Start affirming with conviction it WILL and CAN HAPPEN.

affirm it -bajezen



This month let’s kick doubt, worry and fear to the curb. Stop saying it May happen and start believing it will. It may be difficult it may seem impossible but it always gets done.
Stop saying it may happen and start saying it will
You need to own it, claim it, affirm it
Your words have such immense power
Replace it may with it will
DO your best to fulfill your desires
Just keep watering those desires with the fragrant words of success
Through it, all keep affirming, keep believing
keep doing your best
One day you will have it all and look back and rejoice that you made it through every test.

In need of a pick me up? Check out these affirmations.  

May the next seven months be even better than the last. 


Affirm It . Believe It . Manifest It -Bajezen.Blog Click To Tweet

A Journey Of Self-Discovery -30 Days of Yoga

the journey of self-discovery -30 days of yoga


At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a 30-day yoga challenge entitled Dedicate and hosted by Yoga With Adriene.  Well, I stuck to it and I completed every single downward dog and even those moves that tested my patience balance and flexibility. It was just supposed to be yoga but it turned out to be a total mind-body experience. I felt stronger and more balanced than I have in a very long time.
It is not about mastering the pose as Adriene says it is about finding what feels good. Isn’t that what life is about? The ups and downs the trials and errors. Ultimately we go through everything to get to a place that feels like home and live a life that we love. Here are three life lessons or realizations I had during my 30 days of yoga.

30 days of yoga -what I learned


We all have had things that we plan, pour all of our efforts into and despite our best attempt at perfection, life happens and it basically goes in whatever direction it wants to. I have had moments where I have tried to nail a pose and fall flat on my ass. The obvious reaction would be to get pissed but all I did was laugh it off and go again. Simply put, you are supposed to get back up. Your pose is not supposed to look like your partner, your neighbors or Sally down the street. Just because you fall it does not make you a failure. It makes no sense trying to accomplish anything by force. If something is not working adjust to accommodate the pose (circumstance). It is useless to fight the flow and end up hurting yourself in the process. If anything yoga teaches you perseverance and the value of knowing what fits you. Do not fear looking awkward or be scared to do it your own way. Your life =your unique flow.

flow  30 days of yoga bajezen


Life is about experiencing joy. DISCOVER WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD

It seems pretty convenient for us to dwell on the mishaps and the fuck-ups and the what could have been. Often times we cling to places or people that we have outgrown. We repeatedly keep trying things that we know deep down have absolutely no benefit to our mind, bodies or souls. Do you want to go through life being sad sack Susie or amazing Amanda? You know the type of person who is willing to put in the work and make your life better and discover what makes you absolutely tingle with delight. We can berate ourselves, belittle our efforts and become our own worst enemy or worse yet work and give until we are at the brink of exhaustion or burnout. Yoga has reinforced the importance of not putting myself in positions that are detrimental to my well being, and even if you do there is always a way back to recovery. We really should focus on and revel in the things that make us feel sweet. The things that make us feel beautiful and worthy and bubbly. You know those things that give you that extra oomph even on the days when you feel more like a dud and less like a goddess. It does not have to be anything grandiose. We tend to get caught up in doing the awe-inspiring social media worthy stuff we lose sight of how the simplest of things can ignite bliss. Finding what feels good is knowing that even when things are difficult and chaotic you can discover ways to center yourself and realize that whatever you are experiencing is just temporary. Look for ways to as the song says to accentuate the positive. ( tell me you didn’t just break out into song reading that, I did 🙂 ) There are days when you will feel defeated, frustrated and downright disgusted but know this, you do not have to dwell there.

30 days of yoga -life is about joy-bajezen


Don’t forget to BREATHE.


Taking a breath is such a blessing. It means we are alive, yet so often we take these limited breaths we have been given for granted. In yoga, as in life, we need our breath to guide us through those difficult moments. Those of us who suffer from anxiety can attest to how just simply breathing can make a significant difference between going from a place of nervousness to calm. Don’t get bogged down by the overwhelm of to-do lists and the ridiculous and impossible pressure of having to get everything right. Take time for yourself, take time to breathe, to make space. Breathe, release and let go of the tension. Do it one time, do it several times just do whatever it takes to get you to a place of serenity.

30 days of yoga -breathe bajezen



It is now month number five . Day 121 of 365. How are you feeling? Hopefully, you are still as optimistic as when this year began. Know that you can dedicate time to yourself no matter how ”busy ” you are. Time to simply breathe, take a break or start over. Fresh starts are everyday sort of thing, an every minute kind of thing. Dedicate your efforts to creating the life that you truly want. Yoga is not all about striking the perfect pose. Life is not about filters and capturing only those moments in which we shine or appear to. We all want to do and be our best but there is not a damn thing wrong with accepting your imperfections and your so-called mess. It does not matter what your pose looks like to anyone else as long as you are happy. You are and will always be your most meaningful and longest commitment.

How has this year been for you so far?

Dedicate -30 days of yoga 

Self -Love Wins -14 Simple Ways To Spoil Yourself


self -love expression-bajezen


Welcome, February the month of love, joy, and all that mushy goodness. As women, as mothers, we often become accustomed to focusing on the love we have for others We sometimes to forget to nourish the relationship we have with ourselves. When we are tired, stressed and generally off balance we cannot serve those that we cherish the most. Never forget you deserve alone time, you deserve to be pampered. Your opinions are valued and valuable. You are a goddess. Since this is the month of love how about you shower some extra care and attention on the one that matters the most: YOU!

self -love quotes -bajezen

The relationship you have with yourself is the core for every other connection that you have and will have in your life. This brought the question to mind what does self-love mean to you.? I asked a few of the wonderful and inspiring women that I know and these were their responses. This month this day and every day. Feel the love, spread love and be the love that you desire.


What does self-love mean to you?

I am a unique creation. I see myself as one human being with a unique DNA that can’t be mixed up or mistaken for anyone else’s.I appreciate myself because of my uniqueness, the shape of my ass, the curves of my body, the light in my eyes when I am happy; are all unique to me. I know that I am beautiful just the way I am –Selena

self-love quotes -bajezen

Self Love to me is something that I am still learning. But part of it would be accepting the wrongs in my life that have happened and learning and growing from it. Not allowing negative energy to affect you and also noticing when unwanted energy is around and not compromising your vibe to accommodate theirs.

I believe it also involves taking time for yourself to refocus and indulge oneself. Doing what you love is also an integral part of self-love. Settling for whatever is there or available is not. I remember this job I had where my co-worker and I were talking about doing things we love and she said the job was her bread and butter so I said you know I don’t want bread and butter what I want are waffles and sausages with a glass of Oj. She watched me like I was crazy. I simply meant I do not ever intend to settle. Overall cultivating peace of mind is genuine self-love – Anonymous

self love quotes

Self-love means putting myself first. My needs. My wants. My happiness. Everything else after -Amanda

Being unpologetically myself and doing what is best for me despite what others may think . Saying no to anything and anyone that disrupts my peace and putting myself first when I need to -Alicia

Loving yourself above all others other than God and always know your worth because you are worthy. Love yourself first before you love someone else but don’t be selfish -Chicora

self-love quotes-bajezen

My idea of self-love is making decisions that make you comfortable and being at peace with whatever you do. There is a sense of freedom associated with it. Happiness is a state of being, it is dynamic, however, if we are comfortable there are more happy moments. This will extend to all parts of my life because I am a work in progress -Nicole

self-love quotes -bajezen

I decided to do a 14-day self -love challenge because I think we all need something to inspire us each and every day. These suggestions are by no means anything new but they serve as a reminder to be kind yourself so you can be kind to others. Do not feel guilty for saying no; for not feeling like it or for indulging because life is meant to be savored and enjoyed. Go ahead spoil yourself in the most simple ways or spectacular ways this and every month . These can be done in any order you like. Sometimes we just need a break and few moments to reset and remember how fabulously divine we truly are.



DAY ONE -Self Love Meditation. If mediation isn’t your thing try some self-love affirmations or a self-love prayer
DAY TWO- Self Love Yoga
DAY THREE -Take a nature walk
DAY FOUR – Take yourself on a date
DAY FIVE – Buy yourself flowers or chocolate
DAY SIX – Look into the mirror admire your beauty and say I LOVE YOU
DAY SEVEN- Make a list of 14 things you love about yourself . Get creative and make this a mini craft project.
DAY EIGHT -Treat yourself to your favorite beauty treatment
DAY NINE – Sleep in and have breakfast in bed
DAY TEN -Make time to read something romantic or inspiring
DAY ELEVEN -Start a birthday fund so you can splurge on your birthday
DAY TWELVE -Have impromptu dance session
DAY THIRTEEN -Write yourself a love letter
DAY FOURTEEN -Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and know that missteps only make you better and stronger.


14 days to spoil yourself

This is a reminder to always stop and focus on the good each day. Find something to light your inner fire. This can not be said enough. You above all others deserve love, inner peace and happiness
Share in the comments -what does self -love mean to you and how to do make time in this busy world for yourself?

10 Fresh Start Quotes To Keep You Inspired And Motivated Every Day

fresh start quotes

We often joke that January within itself feels like several months wrapped into one. I do not know what it is if it is the post-holiday blues or the fact that payday seems to take an eternity to come. Today is day 19 and I am pleased to say it does not feel like day 100. I also have not set any solid goals. I guess I am still a procrastinator or just really fond of taking my time 🙂

One thing I have decided is that year will be fabulous. I will take all the chances and say yes to all the things ( the things that make me feel good at least). Today and each day I will give thanks and try to release all of the beliefs, emotions, and connections that no longer serve me. I will be stronger, better and be more empowered today and each day for the rest of 2019.

Do you still have that feeling of newness or is just the same old story to you ? Know this you can begin, refocus, rewrite, reinvent yourself and refresh your point of view at any moment. If you need some motivation to get started on that dream, that plan or wish or to make space for something new here are ten quotes to get your mojo flowing.

be here now quotes -bajezen
start today-bajezen
every day is a new beginning-bajezen
don't give up on your dreams-bajezen
self love quotes -bajezen
one day at a time-bajezen
begin at any age -bajezen
let go and release -bajezen
bajezen -jen sincero quotes
reach for something new -bajezen

This is your reminder that everything will be alright 
The signs may say different but there is no need to fight 
The process, the present the circumstances may not be ideal 
There is never a trial without a lesson, a blessing an opportunity to heal 
This is your reminder that everything will be alright
 It is just a moment they all pass 
There is no need to fight the process going through it will bring you progress
Just wait and see 
You may not like it you may not love it but you are exactly where you need to be 
Like the dragonfly, the transformation will be inspiring 
Stay open to the possibilities, stay grounded 
These growing pains mean nothing 
You are exactly where you need to be. -Written By Tachi Wiltshire

What are some of your fave quotes about fresh starts? What are some of your goals for this year ?

Natural Body Essentials Entrepreneur Feature

Hi there Lovelies and welcome to my first entrepreneur feature for 201 9! I admire anyone who has a passion for what they do and I am also a serious product junkie so I knew that this company would be a perfect fit for this feature. I am all about that natural life and I think we should all be conscious of what we put on our bodies. I think we all can agree natural is the way to go. Check out Natural Body Essentials on Instagram and Facebook .

Meet The Boss Crafter Behind It All

My name is Rea Mclean, I am from Trinidad & Tobago. I’ve always loved creating things with my hands. I’ve always been interested in making candles actually, I would look at videos on Youtube about how it’s done. I could get lost for in it for hours. I then started watching videos on soapmaking and thought it was really cool. I had always wanted to try it but was always nervous somehow. After a few years of just watching videos and making all kinds of excuses, I saw an ad for classes teaching how to make candles and soap and I signed up. I learned so much more than I thought I would, not realizing that it would change my life.

When and why did you decide to start your business?

I started selling soaps and candles last year. It first started as a side hustle. Something to do on the side to make some extra money. Living on my own after going through some tough times I had to figure out how to keep afloat. I started to read more and educate myself more about what I was creating. I wanted to do something different not just make soaps but I wanted to make soaps that can really benefit my customers. So reading and testing out the soaps really allowed me to understand how it works.

natural body essentials -soaps

So here I was making soaps and candles. Now my friends and family always encouraged me but I was always doubtful. So I had to put my doubts aside because I had to believe that God didn’t put me in this world to suffer. Something I started saying is,  I refuse to be a victim of poverty. So I started to make more soaps more candles posting pictures online and on WhatsApp. It was slow for a while and probably because I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. After losing my job I started to push harder. I added lip balms and deodorants to my line as well, and with the help and encouragement of my loved ones I created Natural Body Essentials. Now I must say that I have gotten it wrong at times as well and failure helps you to learn. Always remember to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

What products do you offer and where can we find them?

At Natural Body Essential we create soaps, lotions, body butter, lip balms, deodorant, and candles as well.
One of our soap lines is the Unscented Series- these soaps are designed for persons with any skin problems from, psoriasis, eczema, blemishes or sensitive skin. I’m really proud of this because a lot of people have skin problems and are looking for a solution to it; especially here in the West Indies. The products are made from natural ingredients and cured to ensure maximum results. That also goes for the luxury soaps as well. We have a page on Facebook and Instagram which gives an opportunity to interact with customers and people from all over the world.
One of my dreams is to create a product line for hotels worldwide .

natural body essentials products

natural body essentials candle

Natural Body Essentials to me embodies the perfect balance of passion and creativity. Being an entrepreneur is definitely challenging but with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed all things are possible. I think that is something we all can apply to our lives. Check them out if you are in need of some pampering, me time, looking for a gift or you need a natural product to add that extra breath of fresh air to your life.

Natural Body essentials -Entrepreneur feature

What are some of your favourite essential oils and natural products? 

Grace Not Perfection -A Fresh Start For A Blissful And Fulfilled 2019 . Fall In Love With New Beginnings

Welcome 2019, 365 new chances, new opportunities, experiences, and adventures. 2018 was a blink and you miss it sort of year because I still feel like I am in summer somewhere on the beach listening to Kes singing Hello and pretending he made that song just for me. I have never been one to subscribe to the New year New me mantra; the process of self-improvement and development has never been a wave a magic wand type of thing.
The newness , the fresh start comes when you open your eyes each day; when you give thanks and hopefully navigate whatever challenges, issues or problems that particular day throws at you or NOT.
Let’s be honest some days you just aren’t feeling it we just don’t have it in us to kill it and really who says we have to? We were not created to be constantly seeking, doing, searching or forcing. There is no shame in wanting and needing a break. sometimes your soul absolutely deserves it.

Joy is the key to your life feeling good no matter what year it is -Sarah Prout

It took me quite a few years to grasp this concept. Life will be what it is. Golden, blah, messy what you really need to focus on is how you perceive it. Now I am not going to tell you to be positive all of the time. What I have learned is that you need to find bliss and liveliness even in the broken places.

There will always be a time when you feel like shit, when your energy will be depleted; when you will revel in feeling sorry for yourself ;  when you literally may want to set your entire life on fire and watch it burn. Do you think having these moments or thoughts makes you a bad person? They sure as hell do not. There really is nothing sexy or appealing about perfection. Own your energy, revel in your mess. Do the very best with whatever you are given. The world does not need you picture perfect and and prim and proper. The world needs your rawness, the uncut and unedited version.

New beginnings I love them . I consider them to be one of my very best friends . Losing a familiar face or space may be distressing but nothing cripples you more than stagnation. Back to this New years thing . The first thing we think about with the new year is making resolutions . Resolutions I do not make them because I do not keep them . My attention span was not built for it . I do not see the need to put such pressure on myself . I think instead of resolutions we should all write a bucket list . Start with the simplest and end it with the most grandiose . I have decided to be a one day at a time sort of girl . Anything else puts to much pressure on myself and leaves me anxious and totally unbalanced . Let’s not be basic here go deep, get detailed , let your imagination run wild . Think about the things that stir your soul and pursue them with all you have got .
One of my major issues has always been more thinking than doing. You can analyze a situation to death but if you never take the first step. What are we really doing?

The Moment you accept that imperfect is more beautiful and full of joy than perfect is a good moment-Unknown

This is my tentative plan for the New Year –
Step One – let go of the picture of perfection
Step Two – Never let the circumstances and I repeat ever deter me from achieving my goals.
Step Three – Be grateful for every breath and find satisfaction in every moment.
As you get older you realize that even the shitiest of people and situations all have a grand purpose. Life would not be very fullfilling without lessons. The hard times , the dark places only serve to make us grow and flourish .

perfection quotes

How about thinking about what worked in 2018 and build from that. Work on being more consistent with your actions. Accept that despite your best efforts life does always have a way of screaming plot twist. Fall down, get back up gracefully and keep pushing forward even if you have to crawl. Life is all about movement and evolution. Be patient with yourself. Fab does not become fabulous overnight. We all have to start somewhere; the key is not to forget why you started and keeping on going no matter what.
Here are a fewsimple reminders to help you stay on your path of growth and purpose.

You are responsible for your own energy

You are the gatekeeper of your thoughts, feelings, and energy. It is easier said than done but do not let the funky energy of others take a hold of your space. I am guilty and we have all been guilty of this at some point. We let the actions and words of others dictate our moods, our thoughts sometimes even our own self -worth. When you find yourself falling into this trap give yourself a big old slap literally . It is all about maintaining a good space.

Repeat after me : the thoughts and actions of others should never determine my direction. My energy is sacred and I choose to make space for what feels good and right for me .

Recognize your toxic traits . I mean we all have some qualities that can be downright annoying and sometimes self -destructive . Stop trying to bury your issues; as challenging as it can be you need to own those issues get to the root cause of your actions and do your very best not to be a shitty person. Give what you want to receive. At the end of the day, we all want that inner fire to be lit and to be happy. Unless of course, you find solace in misery.

Be responsible for your energy -bajezen

Accept yourself completely

We all have flaws those seen and unseen. Things about ourselves that can cause issues in our daily lives . The key is to work on those bad habits each day. Spend time with yourself. Analyze your relationships, any problems, issues or scenarios that keep occurring. Accept responsibility for your actions. Sometimes pride gets in the way but you have to adult enough to say well I really f-ed that up and take steps to correct the mess that you have made. If you aren’t learning then you aren’t growing and to me, that is what self-acceptance is all about. You are ever changing and you must always celebrate the journey and give yourself credit for how much you have evolved in any given moment.

Learn to love your body I mean really appreciate it. The little things that we take for granted daily like being able to see, hear, and touch the ones you love.
Love the skin you are in. The lopsided boobs, the crooked nose, the melanin that they think is too rich all of it and I mean all of it makes up the masterpiece that you are. Do what makes your body feel good. Nourish it. Savor it. We are all so busy but really what are we busy doing? Are we doing the things that matter? Like taking care of ourselves and out=r own needs and not belittling our significance?  Looks really only can get you that far because no one really wants to hand with a pretty face if it comes with a vexatious personality.
Don’t just focus on the outer beauty you have to ingest some soul food as well. I mean a perky butt does not hurt but a perky spirit is where it is at.
It is time to say yes to yourself, with no apologies to anyone. Be in the moment , do the best you can and don’t beat yourself up if things fall apart. Let 2019 be the year of the unfiltered life. No matter how messy or tragic you may think your life is; trust and believe your light your sparkle your story your energy may be the reason someone smiles , is inspired and stays motivated to keep living a life that is true to them.

Forgive and Let Go

Let me be honest forgiveness is my least fave f-word or it used to be. Being unforgiving honestly is not a pretty picture. Anger, frustration, and bitterness are the definite end result. Remember the last time you really got upset? I mean fuming ? I myself rarely get angry because it is an emotion I feel in my soul. I usually act and then think later.
At the moment when we feel wronged or offended; the ego just screams strike back, do them like they did you. Retaliate; that is the way to go. I have been petty. I have held grudges. I have been consumed with getting revenge. I have been the hell hath no fury chick. Where do you think it got me?
Tired, depleted, angry and bordering on obsessed. You harm no one but yourself when you seek to right the ones that did you wrong . You can not heal pain by inflicting hurt, Nothing healthy can be achieved from seeking revenge. It may bring a temporary moment of satisfaction but ultimately you will have to deal with the underlying issues. You have to find ways to navigate through the waves of hurt, betrayal and intense disappointment.
We all have had someone who has done us dirty . Who hurt us to our very core .

It is indeed extremely difficult not to take the actions of others personally but ultimately what they do is their karma . You have to decide what yours will be .. Decide to be the bigger person. Decide not to be as miserable as those that hurt you. We are not exempt from questionable behavior we are all capable of it . At the end of the day, we are doing the best we can. This statement does not excuse the shitty behavior of others ; in saying this we have to accept our part in the exchange. Let this be the year you put the burden of past hurts down. Set your soul free. Having said all of this remember the most significantt form of forgiveness we need to have is for ourselves. Let go of the feelings of failures and not-enoughness. You are an absolute badass and never forget it.


Yesterday is heavy . Put it down 
Every day make a conscious effort to let go of anything that makes you frown 
Your soul is tired give her a rest 
You are far from perfect but you did your best 
Pain is never healthy to carry around 
It will break your spirit leave you shattered 
The past is heavy put it down 
Don’t beat yourself up over should haves and could haves 
You did your best 
Grow through what you go through 
No situation is ever permanent 
This is just a test 

The messes of today will lead to the triumphs of tomorrow . The past is not yours to carry . Lighten your load . Set yourself free . 
Yesterday is heavy . Put it down .

self acceptance -bajezen

This really is not a New Year’s post this is a fresh start post . Fresh starts, evolution, transformation are the stuff that life is made of . 2019 will be the big and bold year. No filter .No apologies. Dedicate and celebrate every part of yourself and your journey. Be. Do . Inspire and Grow .
Wishing you nothing but love and blessings . May this day , this year , this moment be the beginning of your wildest dreams. Never be ashamed of what works for you. This is your journey make is the boldest and most blissful that it can be.

Do you make New Years Resolutions ? What dreams and goals do you have for this year ?

be do inspire -bajezen

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