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My 1st Vegan Experience

my first vegan experience



To be honest, when I think about vegan food its synonymous with eating paper 😂 As an adventurous food loving Libra I decided to give it a try; because healthy is the new sexy. So I took the leap and visited The Good Life – it’s located in the Hastings area. It’s a cool vibe place like Bob Marley meets surfer dude. Not only is it five minutes from the beach, the food is legit. Love at first bite. Everything was freshly made and the service was excellent. Good service gets 100 points from me. I had an all veggie spinach wrap which was so big I had to take home half, brown rice (chicken ) I broke the rules there and of course a smoothie. ( I swear they soothe my soul ). I should mention they are not exclusively vegan as the menu states it is An Eco -Cafe, and Bar. Anytime you are in Barbados or in the area; give it a try. When it comes to good food I don’t discriminate. 

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Favorite 8 self care tips

8 favorite self care tips



For me, self-care is the ultimate expression of self-love and self-acceptance. Life can get so hectic that we forget to take a minute just to take a deep breath, relax and think about what nice thing we can do for ourselves. Just ask yourself what can I do today to bring me joy?


I don’t know about you guys but I love keeping it simple. These are easy and effective and as simple as they are they keep me sane … Well, kinda Sanity is overrated anyhow.
Hydrate . Infused waters are the best. Try whatever you like, fruits, herbs, spices. Mix it up. Let’s face it water alone is kind of blah.Infused-Water3-Infographic-741x1024
Coloring . I bought myself an adult coloring book and some crayons. Something about getting in touch with my inner child. Sparking my creativity.😬 It’s very relaxing.

Yoga and Meditation. YouTube is my best friend. I usually do five or ten-minute videos. Just a few minutes of pause can make the world of difference. Here is a link to a simple five-minute video.
Smoothies . Green smoothies, fruit smoothies, veggies, herbs. This is how you can squeeze in some of that boring healthy stuff lol . Experiment . They literally take a few mins to make. Your body will thank you for it. Pictured a beet and berry smoothie that I made.

Walking . A good way to get the blood pumping, get some fresh air, clear your mind. I prefer a good beach walk whenever possible. I mean who can resist the ocean?

Listening to music. Get up and dance. Shake a leg. Sing out loud. Music just soothes the soul. Something you can really have fun with.
Reading . No, I don’t mean the news. Let it be something positive. Some positive affirmations. Subscribe to an uplifting newsletter. Check out my post on five inspirational newsletters here 🙂

Beauty Ritual.Pampering is always a pick me up. I am a nail polish junkie. Pretty nails just make me happy. I also do an at home mask and facial scrub once a week .the ultimate is a foot soak. Epsom salts, warm water, and any essential oil. My favorite is lavender. Aromatherapy plus soft tootsies. Multiple treats at once. Below is the masque I am using at the moment it’s $19.95 on Amazon. I absolutely love it.

Stress is the thrash of modern life- we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly , it will  pile up and overtake  your life 

What’s your favorite self-care or beauty ritual?IMG_5037

Image for infused water from all recipes .com 

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At home spa day



AT home spa day bajezen.blogOne of the few things that cheers anyone up is a bit of pampering. Lately, I have been into all sorts of natural diy beauty and aromatherapy.

First I made a body scrub inspired by savvy naturalista ‘s blog she has some awesome recipes on there. I made a green tea sugar scrub and added a few drops of eucalyptus and peppermint oil.


White sugar

Green tea bags about four depends on the amt you make

Coconut oil

Peppermint and eucalyptus or whatever essential oil you choose below is the end result

Next the facial this clay gives my skin life

Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Works miracles I even put it on my feet 

After washing off I just follow up with a green tea astringent. Steeped green tea and water. I store that in the fridge. It’s always so refreshing.

And the final treatment. An essential oil infused pedicure. Products pictured below. What a relaxing and refreshing way to take care of yourself.



breakthrough bajezen


My theme for the week seems to be letting go of what no longer serves me . It’s amazing how much junk we hold on to . Old hurts , old feelings and outdated beliefs . I just got so tired of the heaviness of it all. Letting go like life is an evolutionary process.  We all have to remember the importance of being here now . To me being here now means observing the past , learning from it but not letting it steal our present joy . Sometimes we just have to set it all on fire and let it burn and and let the ashes fly . We can not run from the trials and tribulations or the pain . We must grow through it , learn from it . Boy in life do we learn . I appreciate what I have and from appreciation more will manifest. Hating where you are now will only make you miserable . Misery is most definitely our purpose for being here . There is no right or wrong way of life . Life is just that .. it is what it is  . There are no mistakes in the universe . The more we fight the worse it will be . Now time for a little rest and relaxation . Let the future take care of itself . Trust the process .img_3104img_3106


Life is a beach ……


life is a beach

I can’t think of anywhere more relaxing than the beach. It calms the mind and soothes the soul. Being by the water just makes everything better . I have no worries, no cares; nothing can shake me .. Well maybe the waves if it’ s too rough 😂 ( corny joke ) I literally leave my problems in the ocean whenever I take a bath. I picture the water just washing everything thing that leaves me heavy. I leave lighter and brighter and breathing better. It’s all so beautiful. I think the only thing I really like about this island is the beach. We do have some pretty awesome ones. A beach day is a little slice of heaven ( queue soca music, beer and cabana boy ) # bliss

breakthrough bajezen

Happiness is now 😄



happiness simple ways to be happy

I remember for the longest time wondering what happiness feels like. Not the temporary kind. I mean a full blissful state of joy. I have been looking at this thing all wrong ! I swear from a certain age it is ingrained in our minds that happiness is supposed to look a certain way or it will come as a result of something.

So we end up chasing it like a dog chasing their shadow it is a futile exercise. Happiness is not something you chase. It is a state of mind, it is a way of being. It is, in essence, being authentic. It is our birthright. We were not put here to strive, to suffer to hoard shit. I mean I love having stuff because I like to dress up and look nice after all, but you get to a point where you realize that simpler is better.

Let’s face it new stuff comes out every day and we are told we must have it. We must have it to belong, we must have it to matter, we must have it to be better but at the end of the day are we better ? Or aren’t we just slaves to wanting more.

There will never be enough more. I think in the pursuit of more we forget what we have. We forget the value of simple things like hugs, and giggles and authentic face to face convos and love. That deep soul tingling kinda loves. It’s all so superficial now. I for one am over it. Just striving and striving and forgetting what real joy is.

What life is meant to be is simple and we complicate it with stuff and the constant need to look outside yourself for validation. One of my biggest issues is not being present. Not living in the now. This is why we worry, why we lose hope because at the end of the day now is all we have. Don’t get me wrong life is a hot fucking mess at times but we have to take the time .. Somehow to be at peace with ourselves. Do something nice for yourself today. Something no matter how little it may be as long as it brings you joy. It could be painting your nails, taking a walk, having your favorite food.

Just take the time to breathe in and out and think about something that’s going right. Change your thoughts, change your life. I recently downloaded Follow your joy by Dr. Robert Holden, it was one of the most enlightening and entertaining talks I have heard in a while. I would recommend it to anyone. A great way to start the morning with😬 something positive. Listen to something positive, read something positive, try a meditation.

It won’t necessarily fix all your issues but it will definitely leave you feeling less heavy.So cliche this is but so true You can always find something good to focus on. Your mind and body will thank you for it. 🦄💜 Can you tell I have been listening to the Hay House world Summit all week? 👍🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

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Mothers Day

mothers day thoughts

You will never appreciate the true value of sleep until you become a mother. I have learned a lot this year.Patience … that is a work in progress. I have never been a patient person but with a baby, you have to be.

Showers went through the window, eating a full meal sometimes did. I don’t know how I got through those partly sleepless nights but I did. Being a mother teaches you strength and resiliency. Some days, to be honest, I felt like I was losing it. Love is a crazy thing tho. Some days are a mish-mash of crazy antics and as tired as I am I manage to smile and feel my heart burst as I see that sweet face. I have to say I was I didn’t gain that much weight.

I still do have a little belly pouch though. If I  manage to do five minutes exercise I consider myself fit. Trying to find a routine that works or somewhat of a routine. I walk to work sorta there is a commute between buses that’s my exercise for now. What’s important at the end of the day is that she feels loved and safe. It’s trying to find a balance between work, mummy duties and time for yourself. Thankfully there are no rules on how to live life and despite what social media portrays nothing is perfect. We are all just trying to do the best we can each day. Mothers are truly a blessing. It takes hard work, dedication, and a little madness to be a mother. Happy Mother’s Day 💜😬😀



Full moon 😬

For as long as I can remember I  have been fascinated by the full moon. Not until recently I have been delving into how powerful it can be. I am still a novice to these things but nothing beats a try they say.So every full moon I do a full moon meditation (found on youtube ) It’s more often than not by Doreen Virtue I love her voice.😆 I started also last month during the full pink moon doing a little manifesting ritual. I simply write down what my heart desires the most, in the present tense of course.
As one of my faves, Wayne Dyer says you have to believe it to see it! I am determined to kick these old bad habits. 😎 There is no doubt in my mind I will. You just have to picture it. Paint your life with your own brush #doyou.

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Hay house world summit .. Inspiration and transformation

hay house summit



I would encourage anyone looking for a change whether it be financial, mental, emotional to listen to this summit. I have decided to be the best version of myself possible this year.😀

I tend to dwell on the past and future a bit too much. This is one of the reasons I started mediation and yoga, to ground myself, to be more present. Sometimes we all need a kick in our ass, a reminder that things are not as bad as they seem. We all need to feed our soul just like how we feed our bodies.

Having a healthy relationship with oneself I not very easy at times but the longer we brush things aside the worse they get and then they affect every aspect of our life. I love hearing other people’s stories. It gives me hope. Maybe I am not such a mess after all.😂 Today I learned about herbs and third healing properties and prosperity.  I keep getting this message about the importance is gratitude .. Less clutter, less stuff. More life.

On a side note, I started a gratitude journal. I am trying to write down three things I am grateful for every day. (Trying) It is difficult sometimes but trust you will always find something to be grateful for ..even if it’s a hot shower or your face drink, a hug from a loved one. Any simple thing. It’s time to stop focusing on our lack and focus on all we do have. Namaste 💜🦄 

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New recipes

New Recipes



I don’t really know what I enjoy more cooking or eating! Since I have a new addition to the family, I have been trying all sorts of recipes.😆 I am trying to lead by example and eat healthily and also to provide her with good nutrition as well. I have to admit some of her food is addicting. I made pumpkin muffins (because I had a huge piece and no idea what to do with it ) and kale salad .. I actually like kale.😑 The kale salad is really a mishmash experiment .. kale, apple, dates, walnuts, and cheddar cheese with lemon, canola oil, salt, cayenne and black 20170506_182136.jpg20170506_18213620170504_182731.jpg20170504_192528pepper. I really hope it tastes good.😂😁 The pumpkin muffins were a hit with the household. Who says veggies have to be boring?