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Essential oils for meditation

I started meditation about a year ago . I had dabbled with it before when I was younger but I never really got the value of it . I remember being in this really crappy relationship which just left me feeling angry and drained… Mostly angry 😐 . Then one day it just clicked that I needed to really stop feeling that way . I went on YouTube and typed in mediation for beginners and found #bexlife .. Rebecca Boruki her videos really had me hooked because they were short and effective as hell ; let’s face it I hate sitting still for long periods . A year later I am a new mom and still trying to fit it in amidst the chaos . I am always searching for new ways to improve my practice . Just found this article on Pinterest … I could spend all day on there . Can’t wait to try this because I love essential oils as well . #meditation #aromatheraphy #relaxationisamust



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