Inspiration, Motherhood

Mothers Day

You will never appreciate the true value of sleep until you become a mother. I have learned a lot this year .Patience … that is a work in progress . I have never been a patient person but with a baby you have to be . Showers went through the window , eating a full meal sometimes did . I don’t know how I got through those partly sleepless nights but I did . Being a mother teaches you strength and resiliency . Some days to be honest I felt like I was losing it . Love is a crazy thing tho . Some days are a mish mash of crazy antics and as tired as I am I manage to smile and feel my heart burst as I see that sweet face . I have to say I was I didn’t gain that much weight . I still do have a little belly ponch tho . If I  manage to do five minutes exercise I consider myself fit lol . Trying to find a routine that works or somewhat of a routine . I walk to work sorta there is a commute  between buses that’s my exercise for now . What’s important at the end of the day is that she feels loved and safe . It’s trying to find a balance between work , mummy duties and time for yourself . Thankfully there are no rules on how to live life and despite what social media portrays nothing is perfect . We are all just trying to do the best we can each day . Mothers are truly a blessing . It takes hard work ,dedication and a little madness to be a mother . Happy Mother’s Day 💜😬😀


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