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For me, self-care is the ultimate expression of self-love and self-acceptance. Life can get so hectic that we forget to take a minute just to take a deep breath, relax and think about what nice thing we can do for ourselves. Just ask yourself what can I do today to bring me joy?


I don’t know about you guys but I love keeping it simple. These are easy and effective and as simple as they are they keep me sane … Well, kinda Sanity is overrated anyhow.
Hydrate . Infused waters are the best. Try whatever you like, fruits, herbs, spices. Mix it up. Let’s face it water alone is kind of blah.Infused-Water3-Infographic-741x1024
Coloring . I bought myself an adult coloring book and some crayons. Something about getting in touch with my inner child. Sparking my creativity.😬 It’s very relaxing.

Yoga and Meditation. YouTube is my best friend. I usually do five or ten-minute videos. Just a few minutes of pause can make the world of difference. Here is a link to a simple five-minute video.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MSGYsyI0t4
Smoothies . Green smoothies, fruit smoothies, veggies, herbs. This is how you can squeeze in some of that boring healthy stuff lol . Experiment . They literally take a few mins to make. Your body will thank you for it. Pictured a beet and berry smoothie that I made.

Walking . A good way to get the blood pumping, get some fresh air, clear your mind. I prefer a good beach walk whenever possible. I mean who can resist the ocean?

Listening to music. Get up and dance. Shake a leg. Sing out loud. Music just soothes the soul. Something you can really have fun with.
Reading . No, I don’t mean the news. Let it be something positive. Some positive affirmations. Subscribe to an uplifting newsletter. Check out my post on five inspirational newsletters here 🙂

Beauty Ritual.Pampering is always a pick me up. I am a nail polish junkie. Pretty nails just make me happy. I also do an at home mask and facial scrub once a week .the ultimate is a foot soak. Epsom salts, warm water, and any essential oil. My favorite is lavender. Aromatherapy plus soft tootsies. Multiple treats at once. Below is the masque I am using at the moment it’s $19.95 on Amazon. I absolutely love it.

Stress is the thrash of modern life- we all generate it but if you don’t dispose of it properly , it will  pile up and overtake  your life 

What’s your favorite self-care or beauty ritual?IMG_5037

Image for infused water from all recipes .com 

32 thoughts on “Favorite 8 self care tips

  1. Self care is life!!! I particularly like meditation and listening to music, those both calm the soul and I think medication is especially important because it allows you to be still and really put things into perspective.

  2. anissa4334 says:

    I need to get on top of my nightly skin care routine. Maybe I’ll do a mask and listen to music while waiting for it to dry. I love to take walks too.

  3. Is that beach in your backyard!? Lol i wanna go there righr now! 😩 love all these tips! And the smoothie in the martini glass is so stinking cute! Love it!! Great post as usual!

    • Ana it is about ten minutes from here so I like to imagine it is my own personal pool .lol I honestly do not get there often enough . Thanks for commenting

  4. imperfectlyperfectmamablog says:

    Love these ideas! I agree that self care is a must! Everyone needs to do something to replenish their soul as often as possible!

  5. Self care is life. A half an hour jog in the morning listening to music helps me kick start my day. It keeps me energized for the entire day.

  6. I love that quote about stress being the modern trash, so true! I love lemon/lime infused water as a part of my every day so never thought of it as a self-care item. Coloring and journalling are ways I like to let go of stress, along with yoga & meditation daily!

  7. Kamapala Chukwuka says:

    Like you Tachi, I love keeping my self-care simple- Apart from these amazing tips you’ve shared, I like a long soak in the bath 🙂 I also love dancing with my boys gives me so much joy.

  8. I make time for most of year activities weekly. I’m always making time for self-care every day. I have 45 minutes every morning where I read, meditate, exercise and spend time on self-care and personal development. Sets me up for the day 💗

  9. Infused water is actually so good and definitely walking. I haven’t mastered the art of running (I hate it for now), but when I’m stressed, I love to go on walks and breathe fresh air.

    • Thank You very much. I appreciate all of the kind responses. Thanks for the sub . I will try my best to keep up with the writing 🙂

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