Fitness and Total body

Exercise .. Like the ex you love to hate

I must confess growing up I hated exercise. I was awkward and uncoordinated . I wasn’t really good at it. I was more of a curl up in bed with a book girl . I run like a penguin as one of my classmates was so eager to point out . So I grew up have a loathe hate relationship with exercise . I mean seriously , how is it portrayed ? As torture , a chore that we have to get that perfect body . Seriously is there such a thing? Your perfect body is loving and appreciating the one you were given  . As  I got older I realized its benefits and that it actually could be fun ! So I tried different videos , workouts to see what worked for me .
It became less of a chore and more about how good it made my body feel.As I learned to embrace the body i have and except my flaws instead of struggling with them I realized exercise wasn’t  the enemy my thoughts about it were. YouTube is my best resource . I am a bitch on a budget and for now  I prefer to do my own thing in my own space . I just dis 30 mins for the first time in a long time . I swear sweat came from my soul . Nothing beats that sore, exhilarated feeling well maybe except sex .. but lets keep it pg here . My current workout is Blogilates 6 week body toning boot camp challenge . I also throw some yoga in there and   end it all with a meditation because my mind has   got to  be fit too . Namaste.


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