Beauty on a budget

Beauty on a budget : activated charcoal

Anyone that knows me knows I love a good bit of pampering . I really shine when I am looking my best and I never hesitate when it involves trying a new beauty products . Natural is the way for me 😆 not only is it more cost effective to make your own products ; it helps a lot when you have sensitive skin . I can’t tell you how many times I have bought something that caused me to break out and I ended up having to toss a barely used tube . That clearly does not cut it when you are on a budget #beautyonabudget is where its at for me right now . I read up about activated charcoal so I decided to give it  try . Bentonite clay is my bff . Like dust from the heavens . My oily skin loves it . The Shea butter is for my hair I usually whip that with lavender and coconut oil , castor and jojoba can work as well . Any oil you choose actually . It whips up so silky smooth . I use it to seal my ends which are bone dry esp in the summer .
The most popular charcoal  mask seems to be a mixture of the coal, clay ,water and apple cider vinegar .  . All my products were bought on eBay . The clay sells out pretty fast . Amazon also sells it as well. The soap is from Walmart . yesterday I whipped up a bit of the  mask recipe listed below . I am now a fan ! It had my skin so smooth and less oily (so far so good ) no breakouts to report  I am a happy camper . The vitamin E cream listed below is my favorite all purpose moisturizer . I use it for my face my hands you name it . Not only is it reasonably priced it is light weight and hydrates for hours . It retails for about $4 at Walmart (two bottles for the price of one)20170620_19123220170620_193219


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