O – Organise, Priotise and Adapt

I have the problem of trying to do several things at once . Very inspiring post to help me on my journey of self discovery and building the life that I desire . Thank you .

Dream Desire Achieve

To pursue and fulfil your dreams, you have to be organised. Organise your work, your plans, your timescales, your time.

Nobody stumbles open success, no one achieves success by doing things in a half hazardous manner. If you don’t plan your time, anything can fit into it. Impromptu decisions a times are good but a lifestyle of impulsiveness will not get you far.

To organise, you have to prioritise. This will help you to know:
-Matters that are of “life and death” i.e. These are the deal breakers. If ignored, things might take a worse turn that you may not recover from. E.g. If my goal as a diabetic person is to lose weight, then going off sugary foods would be a do/die situation.
-Matters that are immediately important i.e. Though not a do/due situation but must be attended to.
-Matters that are not important now i.e. Though not…

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