Daily post photo challenge

Postcards from around the world :Collage

It’s Flash back Friday 🙂 About four years ago my best pal Shaunie and I  went on an old-time bus ride. The bus was commonly known as a jitney bus. It took us through the countryside and also provided us with a history lesson. One of the highlights for me was the Animal Flower Cave. I stumbled upon this bar; where the walls were covered in postcards and business cards from around the world. This was so fascinating to me as I pictured how many people had visited from all around the world. As I read some of them I pictured their faces and their stories and it so reminded me how very small this world really is. In reality we are aren’t much different from each other.  I too hope to travel to far and exotic places someday. We welcome you no matter where you are from. You can find a slice of home here in Barbados.




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