Daily prompt, Poetry

Thoughts on love :Disastrous

Love can be a beautiful and inspiring thing
But it can also be disastrous, the pain that it brings 
I guess that’s why all the great love stories are tragedies
Tales of hearts ripped from chests and life-long suffering
Why must we focus on the bad and paint a calamity
True love is life-giving a rare gem, not a tragedy
The tragedy comes when we focus on loves lost
We get bitter shut down and close ourselves off
We were put here to love, to grow and to feel
Don’t worry about the past,  those wounds will heal
The right love can build you up, make your soul glow
It can make you forget the ones who took advantage and

We think back and laugh

why did we take it so personally

Some people just don’t know what real love is.

© Tachira Wiltshire


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