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Self care isn’t just for Sundays

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Self-care isn’t just for Sundays. For most of us, Sundays are typically a day of rest. Having worked most Sundays for the past few months; I have grown to appreciate having this day all to myself. Something about Sundays makes me just want to chill, eat good food and lounge around in my PJs all day.

Hopefully, you guys have some downtime today to relax and reflect on the week. For those of us who are really high-strung; this your reminder to take it easy. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and check out some of my tips.

Last week I was featured on the website of a local entrepreneur. She has recently launched her website which promotes a message of positivity and motivation. My article was all about self-care. Kudos to her and anyone trying to spread some light in this sometimes very dark world.  Check out her website 

Remember to take care of yourself today and every day. Happy Sunday Everyone.

What are your favourite self-care rituals? 

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3 thoughts on “Self care isn’t just for Sundays”

  1. Sundays, when I am in India are always busy, so I real don’t get time to enjoy a lazy weekend. Yesterday, I had a lot of visitors home and had to make lunch for almost 15 to 20 people on a very short notice. I get to chill today(Monday).

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