Conception to Delivery



Getting pregnant is the ”fun ” and easy part for some 

You know what really intimidates you? The delivery

I listened to the tales of those who had been in labour before 

They all make it sound so scary 

I was not daunted by this monumental task 

I prepared for it much like an athlete prepares for a marathon 

Daily yoga, exercise, meditation and several cups of red raspberry tea

I was determined not to let fear get the best of me 

It was not the typical pregnancy 

I always love to do everything uniquely 

Induction was what the doctor recommended because of preeclampsia

It was a beautiful full moon night  

When the waves of discomfort first hit me  

I remember pacing and deep breaths for  distraction 

Somehow I think I channelled Wonder Woman  

I would not let the pain phase me  

One last big push, and a cry and there she was  

My beautiful little baby

As women, we are the creators, the vessels of the Universe  

Built to handle any delivery.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 


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