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Daily prompt : Synchronize

Life is all about duality. There are failures and celebrations. Some moments we live in despair and others are so breathtaking: Like heaven on earth. Sometimes everything comes together so perfectly. A need is fulfilled unexpectedly, that job comes at the perfect time, we find hope and inspiration in a moment of despair. The universe always reminds us that we are safe and protected.

Just examine Nature.  Everything is perfectly synchronized.
The rhythm of the ebb and flow of the ocean.
The changing seasons, fall, the brilliantly colored leaves falling in unison.
The sun and rain play delightfully to create a rainbow.
A mother and her newborn exchange glances and a permanent bond of unconditional love flourishes.
Two souls meet unexpectedly and an unbreakable bond is created.
There is always a balance, a connection even though unseen. God at the helm, the invisible thread guiding us.  Synchronizing the events of our lives.Peace is found in the chaos. Blessings in the imperfections.   Everything is always right on time.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire Images from Google 



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