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Water is so versatile. It hydrates, revitalises, refreshes and relaxes. It is essential for life. Here is my entry for this week. Beaches, ponds, fountains – Water.

2010-04-02 15.26.41

2010-08-14 08.10.01

2010-07-02 04.02.33

2012-12-02 14.06.55

2013-04-13 13.51.27

20161007_15013320170730_174644 (1)

20170906_09592120170906_09594220170906_0959502012-12-02 15.48.35 (1)2013-04-13 14.48.04


14 thoughts on “Water”

      1. I was talking about a good quality large print, if you have any. But don’t worry if it is too hard, I can always have the pleasure of looking at it on your site.

        If you are interested in taking this conversation off the blog and into personal emails, then you could comment on any of my posts with your email. They are private unless I make them public.


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