Daily prompt, Poetry

Nature The Beauty And The Beast



Nature can be a beautiful symphony or an unpredictable beast
The day breaks sunny and bright
Suddenly clouds form as dark as night
A crescendo of thunder and lightning
Causing one to jump out of one’s skin
The ocean angry like a woman scorned
Leaving the shore battered and torn
Hurricanes leaving behind such devastation
Causing some to have to rebuild an entire nation
Nature demonstrates that we must answer to a greater power
The destruction teaches us to be grateful for every hour
Temporarily moved by the depredation,  we band together and forget the imaginary differences  we have created in our minds
We recall our purpose as humanity: to love and to heal.

Written by Tachira Wiltshire 

Image courtesy https://williamorihama.deviantart.com/art/destroying-mother-nature-440816393


6 thoughts on “Nature The Beauty And The Beast”

  1. It’s funny that nature makes us travel to some places to enjoy the beautiful scenary and weather, but it also makes us run away from the same place due to hurricanes, storms and the likes. But there’s just too much negativity around the globe, let’s just focus on the beautiful side of nature

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