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Namaste and Slay : Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

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Any yoga practitioner whether they are a beginner or a seasoned professional needs a yoga mat. I have already mentioned the numerous benefits of yoga in my previous post: Yoga Is for Everyone. Have I  convinced you ? 


 I have purchased a few mats in the past; none of which I was particularly in love with. I decided it was time for a change and did some research. I never knew there were so many options out there.  Investing in the right yoga mat will enhance your yoga practice ten fold. Everyone has their own style and unique flair so you definitely want to choose the mat that will cater to your specific needs. Did you know that there are different mats for hot yoga versus regular yoga?

Here are a Few Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mat 



Your Type Of Practice 




When making a purchase deciding which product to choose is always one of the most difficult factors. Need some help choosing your dream mat?  Reviews . com compared 30 of the most popular mats on the market. This comprehensive article took into account several variables including durability, material, composition, thickness, yoga style, price and so much more!  Check out their full guide here … You won’t be disappointed.


I hope you find the perfect mat for your needs. Let’s Namaste and play together. Let me know in the comments which one did/would you choose?

Here’s to a happy practice and a more beautiful , balanced and blissful you. Love and Blessings Tachi . 





34 thoughts on “Namaste and Slay : Choosing The Right Yoga Mat”

  1. I wish you posted this last year.
    I did get a mat for myself…which is still almost unused as i dont know how to do yoga.
    Ita stuffed with blankets in a closet. I will take it out tomorow and check how good/bad it is…maybe i will get motivated to use it finally.


    1. I was not blogging last year 🙂 Thanks for reading. The one I have now I sweat and slip all over the place. It is currently on my wardrobe catching dust. Like you I have to get motivated to use it my exercise is running up and down with my daughter .


      1. I used to pratice it yes . Not a pro but it’s for fun yea . I wrote an article on it lol . I usually do five to ten minute videos . Can I link them here I am not sure


      2. No vidoes I follow along with 🙂 I started with Ekhart Yoga for beginners . It really is supposed to be fun . Try tara stiles , boho beautiful hers are a bit more challenging . Fitness blender , yoga with adrienne , sunina young . I tried a bit before I found some I liked . I am not very co ordinated I think if I can do yoga anyone can . It really is about getting your mind right and it is a great lazy workout lol . I need to start back but routine is the shits right now


      3. Glad I could help . The gyms here cost too much . I also walk a lot . Let me know how they go . What I love is that there is yoga for everything for stress , pregnancy , the morning time 🙂 Enough of my blabbing if you need more recommendations just shoot me a message


  2. I have friends who practice Bikram Yoga. That’s too much heat for me. I already have Hot Flashes and I can’t see myself getting into pretzel positions
    Years ago when I was younger and more flexible I spent a few days at a health spa and took some yoga classes. Maybe one day I’ll try again. Perhaps yoga classes will help ease my painful arthritis joints. I also notice that my arthritis does not bother me when I’m dancing.

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  3. My gym has yoga classes that I’ve always wanted to take!

    Whenever I make the step forward to actually do it (as I’m a bit nervous haha), then I will definitely refer back to this post because I wanna make sure I come prepared!

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading no need to be nervous . It is not really about the poses it is about feeling good at least that is how I see it . I do it at home with you tube lol . Gyms in Barbados are hell expensive . Take a chance girl. you might like it .


    1. I joke that all yoga in Barbados is hot yoga it is always hot here ! lol . I have not practiced in two months but i usually just do youtube videos . Trying to work on a schedule that works . you know motherhood 🙂 It gets crazy around here

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