Daily prompt, Poetry

The Breakup



A bruised and battered ego
Rejection, Betrayal, Deception
A disturbed beehive of emotions
A constant assault of stings
Dark clouds of bitterness
The rainbow of sweetness fleeting
Stormy days ahead
Self-pity mingled with thoughts of the ultimate revenge
A deluge of tears overflowing the estuary of the soul
Careful do not get swept away
Losing yourself in the current of feelings
The turmoil lessens, blue skies materialize
You emerge strengthened, transformed by once left you reeling
Reborn and ready to love again. 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  


14 thoughts on “The Breakup”

      1. I went looking this past Friday . I have to check out other stores . I usually end up buying everything online lol . The prices here are heart attack inducing 😂


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