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If u merely skim the surface you will never experience the real joy of life
The irrelevant opinions, activities will bring you down 
Make you worry 

Leave you trapped in a cycle of fear,
People pleasing, inner turmoil and strife.
No matter what you do there will always be with someone with an opinion and you know what we say about opinions.

Everyone thinks they are an expert and wants to oppress you with them.
At the end of your life cycle, no one will care what degree you had; about your latest  purchase,  where you lived or what kind of car you drove.

The more you have does not make you a better person 
If you are a toad you will just be a toad who owns a lot of things 
Don’t be a stain on this world,  be a rainbow,  a breath of  fresh air,  a beam of light .
Kindly keep your opinions to yourself and let people live their lives.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

The Mystery Blogger Award



I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Jill. She is one awesome mama and has an amazing blog. Please go show her some love. I was also nominated for the Mystery Blogger   Award by Lynley  Please show her your appreciation as well.


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Three Things About Me 

 My name is Tachira. I have no idea what it means I have been trying to find out for years. Google is no help. I hope it means something good 🙂
I love all things purple.
I am a slight shopping addict, especially online shopping.


My Five Questions Were :

What were you like as a child?   

I was shy and quite reserved as a child. I am no longer quiet or reserved I am quite the opposite now

What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish can I just say I love food! I think I will go with pizza. I have too many favorite dishes to decide.

What is your favorite vacation destination?

Well, I have only ever been to New York and I love it. I have many dream destinations. All of which costs tons of money to get to because Barbados is literally a far-off dot in the ocean.

Describe a perfect moment with a loved one.

Any occasion involving sharing food and laughter.

Weird Question: What is your favorite holiday? And why?

I love all things Christmas because traditionally we dissect the house and redecorate it’s like a fresh start a new beginning for me although it is the end of the year.

My questions are :

What was your favorite childhood activity?
What is your favorite hobby?
If you could travel for free where would you go?
What do you do when you want to relax?
Weird question. If you could be an animal which would you be?

My nominees are  :

Thanks to everyone who visits, shares, reads my blog. Your support is much appreciated. Please share the love with my fellow bloggers. Love and Blessings Tachi  

The Perfect Reader



She was complex, a tough one to read
Her story consisted of layers of heartbreak, hardships and drama-filled scenes
Thick and attractive, she was judged solely by her cover
Most readers would just leaf through her pages but no one of them really “got her ”
None would take the time to assimilate her words
They always skipped to the next chapter
She craved  the one who would truly appreciate her
So she sat alone on the shelf gathering dust
Waiting for that perfect reader
 Written by Tachira Wiltshire

The Power of Words

I feel quite at home in the WordPress community. This is my small tribute to all the lovely bloggers out there. Thanks for your encouragement .I also want to thank those who take the time to read what I write.  Your comments and support give me the motivation to keep writing. Thank you all.


Words are so simple
The irony is small things can have a mighty effect
Words can paint a picture
Weave a tale
Ignite a fire of inspiration
Make a heart soar

Launch a ship of ideas, make the unthinkable set sail
Tantalize the imagination
Teleportation: transport you another time and place

A double-edged sword
Words can spread the venom of hate
Cut down the tallest tree of confidence
Leaving you in the forest of despair

Enchanted you find the words that move you
Captivate you 
Emotive , haunting , beautiful
They give you the strength to carry on 

Bringing you to life 
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

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A Crumb Of Affection

Today’s prompt made me think about baking. Can you tell? My mind was all over the place but that is standard. I came up with this while looking for a birthday cake recipe.

Thanks for reading :)) 



Under pressure to hide our true selves and fit the mould
Don our costumes for the social media circus
We add all the toppings, put on the extra sprinkles
An episode of the ultimate baking challenge
To see who has the biggest,baddest cake

We must formulate the best recipe
For the likes, the comments, the disingenuous praise 
To claim the prize of validation
Some will lay themselves bare just for a crumb of affection
Superficial, empty calories
A feast for the eyes lighting the candles of the over-inflated ego

A temporary sugar high to fill a never-ending addiction
So what if you don’t like my flavour?

We all have different tastes
When you are soul fulfilled, no approval is needed
It’s all on the inside
Brush off those crumbs of judgement
A soul frosted with self-love smothered in self-acceptance  
A delectable treat

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

Photo via unsplash .com 

Take the Plunge

mohamed-nohassi-318021 (1)

She stood before the expanse of water intimidated
The current of fear paralyzed her
Should she take the tentative approach or just dive right in?
Awkward, she would never fit it
Was her voice not valid?
The waves of self-doubt crashing in her mind
The opinions of others sweeping away her self-confidence
She remained anchored to the shore, after all,  it was safe, wasn’t it?
Caught up in the riptide of uncertainty
Drowning in the illusion of failure
Struggling to escape the net of unhappiness
She would defy the odds
Sink or swim her dreams would be realized
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

Image courtesy Unsplash .com 





Phone down
Disconnected from the endless buzz of devices
A deep breath, a moment of reflection
Mindful, present, radiating love
Tantalised by the small details
Captured by heightened senses and not through  the camera’s lens
A social cleanse
A bonding experience with oneself
A glorious step on the path to inner peace
Silence, simplicity
An appreciation of life
Calming the body and easing the mind

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


The Breakup

breakup bajezen


A bruised and battered ego
Rejection, Betrayal, Deception
A disturbed beehive of emotions
A constant assault of stings
Dark clouds of bitterness
The rainbow of sweetness fleeting
Stormy days ahead
Self-pity mingled with thoughts of the ultimate revenge
A deluge of tears overflowing the estuary of the soul
Careful do not get swept away
Losing yourself in the current of feelings
The turmoil lessens, blue skies materialize
You emerge strengthened, transformed by once left you reeling
Reborn and ready to love again. 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire