The Daily Prompt Enlighten

enlighten bajezen

The lights are on
But many are still blind
The eyes are eternally deceiving
You have to open your mind
To the floodgates of possibilities
Question, challenge, probe
Create your own truth not the one ”they” tell you exists
Book sense isn’t the totality
All that we are taught seems to based on some lie with a twist
Third eye chakra balanced
Elevate your subconscious
Take yourself to magical places
Ascend to higher heights, have a party with the divine
Wake up
Your soul is waiting to be ignited
Stop seeking
Be still, look inward and embrace every little piece of the puzzle that you find
A spiritual awakening
Become enlightened.
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

enlighten bajezen

Letting Go Of Attachment To Outcomes Expectation Vs Reality

expect bajezen


”Be open to everything and attached to nothing ” Wayne Dyer

When I first heard this quote It took me a while to wrap my head around it. How could I live and not have great expectations? How am I to accept when things go wrong ? Being attached to outcomes is a sure-fire way to be disappointed. How long did it take me to make peace with this? Well, the honest answer is I still have not. Not totally. It is a learning process, a work in progress.

We often are so stuck in our ideas of how we want things to be that we spend a lot of time hating how things are. The result is and will always be misery. Think about it at any given point in your life everything is never always ideal. There will always be things that you want, need and may never have.When you dwell on what is lacking all you will see is lack. The way I see it the only true purpose of life is to be happy. Are you going to let not getting what you expected to affect the way you live your life?


bajezen expectations

I was watching a series this past week about happiness and I have come to realise your level if happiness relies heavily on your expectations. Your expectations coupled with your perspective. There were people who we in the developed world would consider to be poor yet they were happy and blissful. Why ? Because they expressed gratitude for the little things they had and were not thoroughly obsessed with what they don’t have. We tend to do that a lot. If you still believe stuff makes you happy then you are sadly deluded.

I meditate on this statement daily.
Life can make a turn so quickly it is best to be hopeful but never be tied to any particular outcome.
You expect people to treat you as an equal to love as you do. Some won’t. People will be what they are. Accept or do without them.
So maybe you aren’t in your dream job or haven’t met one of your dreams. You look around at others and in comparison, you feel thoroughly disappointed. Why ? The expectations do not meet the reality.But really what is so terrible about your life?

bajezen expect

I challenge you today to focus on what you are grateful for.
Celebrate your wins no matter how small.
Know that if you do not get what you expect something better is coming along b.
Do not put your faith in the flesh.People are unpredictable.
When faced with an issue ask yourself is this something I can change?? If not accept it and move on. It may not happen in a year. It may not happen in a day but eventually, you get over the things that once bothered you.
As always I love to hear from you.

Do you think expectations always lead to disappointment?  Share your views below :))


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Release The Past

release bajezen

Always the strong one
Put on a brave face
Afraid the world will take advantage of your vulnerability
Constantly playing in the muddy waters of the past
Drowning in negativity
Swallow the pills to numb the pain
Ignore the wounds until they fester

Pretend, deny, repeat
The monsters looming becoming bigger threatening to swallow you up
Never the timid ones of childhood
You can’t escape the demons when they live inside your head
Alone in your safe place let the river of tears flow
Scream, let it all out until you are no longer haunted by the echo
Breathe, be in the moment, write it out, shake it off
Walk through the fire, slay the dragon
Release it all
The past is buried and dead.
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

Entreprenuer Feature : The Pal Project

pal project bajezen

Hi there, beautiful people welcome to my second entrepreneur feature. I am really excited to share this product with you guys. This week I am featuring a young Barbadian entrepreneur. Roland F. A Harewood. He honestly is one of the most versatile individuals I know. I recently had a short interview with him about Pal, A product which is designed to aid children with sleep.As a mother, this is one I can truly appreciate. 


Tell me about yourself.

Wow, where to start. Currently, I’m the Director of PR and Business Development at Logical. I’m relatively young (for now), smart, passionate about my work & friendships and I guess some people would say I’m a bit ruthless when it comes to making snap decisions in both business and in life.


What is Pal?

Pal is a rest-assist device, perfect for children. It provides night-time comfort using non-disruptive lighting patterns. Children often need some light in order to feel a sense of safety and security in the absence of their parent(s) being physically present. Pal® does this in a way that supports children’s mental development and provides a comforting reassurance to parents. However, anyone can use Pal to help calm their minds before bed.

What inspired you to create Pal? 

My partner Steve Dash is who actually conceptualized the device back in 2013 and I’m the one who gave Pal its name. Originally he wanted to design a night-light that didn’t look childish and gimmicky, then he refined it after discussing it with Dr Cheryl Rock who is a specialist in children’s mental health and development. We worked together at an offshore company, that’s where we met. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience but that was our first time working on a startup and using the crowdfunding platform. So ultimately from that experience came this opportunity to think and do things differently than how they’re done here. Food for thought I’d say.

Where and when will the product be available?

Speaking of crowdfunding, Pal will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo in late November, and our campaign will last for 60 days. However, we are currently live and running on and you can also follow @palbylogical on Twitter and Instagram and Like u on Facebook –

pal by logical bajezen

Every Day Acts Of Bravery

everyday acts of bravery 1

What does brave look like to you?

When we examine the word brave we think of all the men and women who sacrifice their lives for their country.Those who risk bodily harm to save a life and ask nothing in return.These are obvious acts of bravery which should always be applauded.

Every day there are individuals who are brave even though it isn’t highlighted. We should never belittle the struggles, stories or problems of others. Life can get heavy and if you aren’t strong it can break you.
No one is immune to anything in life and I wish people would be sensitive before they open their big mouths and start spewing judgmental bullshit.
How can you predict what is going on in the mind of another? Many days I will say I am ok but I am not. It is so much easier to say you are ok than to be subjected to pity, judgement or to be given advice you really do not want to hear. People always know how to handle your life better than you don’t they?

Let us consider some everyday acts of bravery.


The depressed person who manages to get themselves out of bed. A simple act for most of us but when you feel at your lowest sometimes completing mundane acts can be amazing.
The person with a mental disorder or anxiety who is staying afloat even though dark thoughts threaten to drown them daily.
The disadvantaged individuals who despite life circumstances manage to support their families and elevate themselves.
Those who stand up to bullies, racists, bigots and generally nasty individuals.
The person brave enough to share their story. It is not easy putting yourself out there. The internet can be a cold cruel environment sometimes. I seriously have no tolerance for hateful people.
The shy person who musters the courage to connect with a stranger.

brave bajezen
We all have fears and insecurities. We all have developed ways and means to cope.No one is without some struggle whether it is internal or external. I wonder why some deluded people believe they are superior to anyone.

If you are struggling you are not alone in this world. Trust that the majority of people are not ignorant and hateful. If you do fall into that special category, kindly take a seat actually take several. Keep your bad karma to yourself.

Every day we wake up and make the decision to keep trying that in itself is an act of bravery. Let us celebrate each other and know that some will never highlight their struggles but they are holding it all together when they have every right to break down.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt Brave 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

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Take Every Chance : The Daily Prompt Risky


Be brave
No point in playing it safe
Stagnant ? You will die 1000 deaths wondering about what could have happened if you just did it your way
Make life an adventure
It is already inherently risky
Change is a constant
There are absolutely no guarantees
Go ahead, take the gamble
Bet on yourself
Eyes closed, take the dive
The rush will be invigorating, the choice freeing
You may trip, you may fall or conquer it all
You can never predict the result you will get
Trust and believe
Anything is better than living with regret
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


Share Your World October 16th 2017


If you had to move to a country besides the one you currently live in, where would you move and why?

This morning I was watching the news and saw that Denmark was considered one of the best places to be if you want to be happy. They have free healthcare, shorter work hours and free education. Buy me a ticket I am moving there 🙂 I googled it and it is pretty gorgeous too.



What colour would you like your bedroom to be?

It would be all shades of purple I mean colour blocked purple. That may be a tad much. I love purple.

What makes you Happy? Make a list of things in your life that bring you joy.

My daughter although she is stubborn as hell.
The beach
Baking is so relaxing for me plus I love eating and sharing cake
My very small circle of friends they are some of the best cheerleaders

Anything creative like art, writing, taking pictures 


What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

I was inspired by this quote. It is difficult sometimes to not compare yourself to others and feel like you are somehow being left behind. This reminded me to focus on my goals and mind my own business.


Cees Share Your World October 16th, 2017 

Loyalty Or Self Sacrifice ? Be Loyal To Yourself First

be loyal to yourself bajezen


We all want someone we can rely on, a partner,  a lover who we can share our lives with. Somehow, being loyal appears to have become synonymous with taking shit . Has our modern way of life turned loyalty into self-sacrifice? I think, over time we have accepted doing the least, letting things slide and just half-assing relationships as the new normal.

I too have been guilty of giving my all for what I perceived to be real love. I remember being awake several nights ruminating; surely this was not what fairy tales are made of. I do believe that relationships require some form of compromise or minor sacrifice. However, if your significant other should never leave your soul feeling gutted. Some start off so sweetly and when it all ends they are the one holding the knife. Et Tu Brute?



As you look into the eyes of your once fascinating lover and wonder when did this magnificent creature become a beast? My poor deluded heart. Ugh . The jokes I could tell you about my past loves would seriously leave you deceased but let us not go there. Just thank the heavens we eventually wake up from the lust induced stupor.

What exactly do you gain from giving your all to a self-centered twit who cares nothing for you or your feelings? Your time is way too valuable. Just watch how quickly they will move on if you let them go.Stop treating yourself like a charity. Let your output match the input. After all, charitable work does result in good feelings.If you find yourself bitching constantly about how they do you wrong and how your effort is not being matched then take the advice of that Usher song and Just Let It Burn. No, I don’t mean setting their stuff on fire, although oddly enough that could be quite therapeutic.

Love should never leave you feeling hollow. Are you trading your loyalty for feeling broken, worthless and so distorted that you look in the mirror and wonder who is that weak bitch looking back at you? Is losing yourself really worth the illusion of companionship?

I am not strictly speaking of romantic relationships. Anyone who does not have your best interest at heart does not deserve your loyalty. I am speaking from experience; take my foolish advice and shower yourself with love. Be loyal to yourself first, you deserve nothing but the best. Do not tolerate anyone that openly disrespects you, shatters your inner peace and leaves your spirit tattered and torn all for the sake of loyalty.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt Loyal 

One day you will find something worthwhile until then don’t take no mess. What are your views on loyalty? We are open for discussion below 🙂