The Authenthic Bajan Foodie Experience

The Authenthic Bajan Food Experience Bajezen.Blog


A visit to Barbados would not be complete without some authentic Barbadian cuisine. From the ground provisions to the grilled fish and everything in between, we have something here for every palate. For all you foodies check out these spots for a satisfying belly full as us locals would say.

These are recommendations from my girl Nao who recently moved here from England . I think she has realy great taste and one bite of these delicacies will have you licking your lips and nodding in agreement . Check out Traditional Bajan Cuisine.  


Strong Foods – Blackrock, St Michael also know as Yelluhmeat.
Check out their roast breadfruit and sweet potato bowls

The Brown Sugar Restaurant–   Bay Street, St . Michael dubbed as The Home Of Bajan Cuisine   

Martins Bay St John – Known for their awesome fish fry

Chillin and Grillin Bar – Oistins, Christ Church . When you visit there tell Roger we said Hi!

The Fisherman’s Pub – Speightstown.  Great food and a good lime

The Atlantis Hotel -Tent Bay, St. Joseph. They serve  Bajan buffets on Wednesdays and Sundays. This one has a more romantic ambiance .


Lemon Arbour – St John. Drinks , food and an all around good time


Cuz Fish Shack – Pebbles Beach . Light bites on the beach .The best fish sandwiches ever.


Chicken George and Yankee Joe – Rockley, Christ Church . Who doesn’t  love a good beach bar ?

Sunbury Plantation – St. Philip . If you fancy a bit of history, brunch , a spot of tea . This is the spot for you .

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I hope you enjoyed this post . Do you have any Bajan Foodie experiences to share . Comment below with your recommendations .

The Underdog Triumph

the underdog bajezen

No one should ever be underestimated
Inferior, unworthy, loser these words don’t define you
Limits .. what limits?
The smart ones know they are just self-imposed
Take that dream, those wishes, that vision and nurture them  until they  grow
Belief makes everything possible
You are capable, spread your wings and just soar
Let the cannots  fuel your determination
Prove them wrong, transform that dirt into gold
Do it with passion, your own flair and write the greatest tale of an underdog triumph that was ever told.
Written By Tachira Wiltshire

A Poem inspired by The Daily Prompt Underdog

The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest baje


Memories of the pitter patter of little feet
A cocktail of laughter and tears, the breakups, the makeups
Building a home is never an easy job
It takes hard work married with creativity
You want to keep your little  ones safely tucked under your wings
With a huge dose of faith and pangs of anxiety, you let them go
Knowing one day they would grow up to do brave and marvelous things
Your will was always tested but you refused to let them stray
The baby bird now grown will always be a baby in her mother’s eyes
You blink and in instant, your little ones have flown away
It’s quiet now, maybe too quiet
The proud mother hen smiles, knowing she did her best
We can only pray to keep them protected, to raise them well and hopefully they will live a good life beyond the nest
Written By Tachira Wiltshire

Sunday Soul- Food : Expressing Gratitude In Trying Times

sunday soul food bajezen

Thanksgiving is typically associated with expressing gratitude. I believe we do not need a season to be grateful. Life can sometimes be like a dark cloud hanging over our heads. Those days are not pleasant but are an absolute necessity in life.On gloomy days we can find some of our best inspiration.

Hard times teach us to be strong and to keep trying. We can be surrounded by the darkest of nights and somehow we manage to step forward into the unknown guided only by our faith. Be grateful for the moments that test you they will teach you patience.Your problems teach you how to be ingenious and cm up with solutions. There is nothing in life that you can not overcome. There is no yin without yang, no light without darkness. The next time you are going through a trying period; remember it won’t last forever and there is always something to be grateful for. You are doing your best and that really is all that matters.

Have a Wonderful day and remember to express gratitude to someone special in your life 🙂


What are you grateful for today? What have you learned from the tough times in your life?

Droll : The Daily Prompt

the daily prompt droll


Not your typical type of funny
Witty and dry humour
Quick as a whip and right on the money
Clap backs and comebacks
She would never let life take its toll
Oddly amusing her approach was quite droll
Sarcasm was the essence of her repertoire
Don’t take it personally she revelled in the irony of life
You couldn’t help to embrace her big and bold personality.

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

Some randomness inspired by the Daily Prompt 

Carlisle Bay :All Inclusive Fun In The Sun


bajezen carlisle bay barbados

When you think of Barbados what is the first thing that comes to mind? After Rihanna .. the sun, sea, and sand of course! My fellow beach lovers can attest that no two beaches are created alike. Some just have a special place in our hearts; after all, saltwater soothes the soul.
There is one beach you absolutely have to visit when in Barbados: Carlisle Bay. For us who live in the neighborhood, it is affectionately known as Browne’s beach. There are so many reasons why you must pay a visit to this beach. I must admit I am a bit biased it is my neighborhood after all. I promise after you read this post you will understand why I think it is one of the best beaches on the island. It is simply an all-inclusive fun in the sun experience.

20170323_094816 (1)


Browne’s beach is one of the largest beaches in Barbados. These calm pristine waters are perfect for a sea bath, diving and swimming with the turtles. The golden sands will entice you to grab a beach chair and lounge, not to mention you can lime at any one of the four beach bars/ nightclubs. Each has something to offer to suit anyone’s tastes.

On this beautiful stretch of beach you can find :

Harbour Lights: They are well-known for their  Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show; which happens every Monday and Wednesday evening. This show gives you an authentic peek at Barbadian culture.

Copacabana:  They offer day passes and one of my faves Pudding and Souse Fridays.

The BoatYard Barbados: A beach bar offering watersports and so much more.

The Pirates Cove Barbados: They offer Black Pearl party cruises.


Just hop on a route 11 van and you can get to the heart of Bridgetown or in a few minutes you could be on the south coast. After your wonderful soak at the beach, you can take in a bit of history at the Barbados Museum or pop over to the Garrison Savannah.

Take a tour of George Washington House and have some breakfast or lunch at Coffee Barbados. This gem is tucked away in Bush hill on the same site as the house If you prefer you can grab a bite at Cuz’s fish shack for some of the best fish cutters (sandwiches) in Barbados. It is located in Aquatic Gap behind the Hilton Hotel.

IMG_3714george Washington house bajezencoffee barbados bajezengeorge washington house bajezen

If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is close to the beach this area has that covered as well.

  Hilton Hotel,

Nautilus Beach Apartments 

Savannah Hotel,

Sugar Bay,

Banyan Court Apartments 

Just to name a few.

This beach is a hive of activity. Whether you want to get a tan, spend a fun day with the family, have a taste of local cuisine or simply just want to relax and take in the scenery there is something here for you. 

Have you ever visited Barbados? Share your experiences I would love to hear from you 🙂


fun in the sun barbados


bajezen fun in the sun

The Dubious Heart

the dubious heart bajezen

Deception always threatens the seemingly unbreakable bonds of trust
It never really has the same sweet taste
Paranoid, jaded or out of your head
The one that once gave you so much life now leaves you feeling zombie-like; half dead
A war zone of misconceptions
The tiniest suspicious detail can trigger an explosion
Emotions erratic so hard to reign in
Promises like empty calories provide no satisfaction to a dubious heart
A roller coaster: stomach churning, such unease
Can we just go back to the thrill of the start?
Are you winning or losing?  you will never know
Lies weave a tangled web, leaving you trapped and unsure
You pray not to become bitter they surely can’t all be the same
Different places and faces but they all play the same stupid games
One of the hardest things to do after your heart has been through so much pain is to pick yourself up
Dress your wounds and learn how to love again.
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

The Melanin Goddess

melanin goddess bajezen


Rated as inferior because of the colour of her skin
The melanin goddess was never a slave to opinions
Never threatened by circumstances and obstacles
A succulent blackberry, she remained sweet and flourished wherever she was planted
She loved the skin she was in
Rocking her crown of kinky coils
Who cares if they thought it was unsuitable
She knew black signified beauty, excellence  and grace 
The embodiment of  resilience 
Unique, a combination that was unbeatable. 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

Inspired by The Daily Prompt Black 

Flower Alley : All Things Bajan Independence Feature

flower alley

Flower Alley is located on Broad Street next to the Lower Broad street taxi stand. This caught my eye because of the street wall art. Am I the only one that thinks street murals are creative and attention-grabbing. This one captures some scenes from traditional Barbadian life. Kudos to the artist.

Flower Alley is also named after a horse owned by Eugene Melnyk, a Ukrainian Canadian businessman who lives in Barbados. In honour the horse he adopted the street in 2012.

If you are ever on Lower Broad Street you can take a peek.

Information Source The Nation News Barbados.

Pride Of Barbados : Bajan Things An Island Like No Other



Hi there Lovelies,
I have decided to do a series on Barbados during the month of November. Barbados became independent on November 30th, 1966. If you are curious about this beautiful island that I call home: stay tuned for some fun facts, pictures and tidbits. Welcome to Bajan Things: An Independence Series. 



Today’s highlight is The Pride Of Barbados or Caesalpinia pulcherrima.It is also known as peacock flowers, dwarf poincianas and red bird-of-paradise.A member of the pea family this vibrantly coloured flower embraces the heat as it grows all year round. This one is truly a gardeners’ delight as it flourishes in almost any type of soil. If untrimmed it can grow as tall as ten to  fifteen feet. The most common varieties are a mixture of vibrant red/ orange and yellow petals. There are also some which are all yellow; a perfect representation of the glorious sunsets we get to experience daily.




You can find the Pride of Barbados in Queen’s Park and Independence Square in the heart of Bridgetown. The capital city of Barbados. Since it grows in any soil you are likely to spot them while out and about around the island. If you are a plant lover or just a lover of exquisite things this one will surely grab your attention.

pob bajezenpride of bdos bajezen20171008_174352 (1)pride of barbados bajezenpob bajezen


Does your country have a national flower? Share your answers in the comments 🙂