Thorny Situations

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thorny situations


A delicate flower
A drop of blood
Careful, everything has duality
Even the most beautiful situations  can become quite thorny
A match made in heaven can turn into hell
A familiar lover becomes a stranger
You thought you knew them  so well
A warm sunny heart can grow Arctic cold
Forever you promised to have and to hold
A fairy tale is woven into a bitter tale
A breath of fresh air now turned stale
You can not avoid the thorns if you want the rose
The beauty of life is that it is no straight road .


Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

5 thoughts on “Thorny Situations

      • lynleyp89 says:

        Thank you! Actually they were pictures I found online, but they looked almost exactly like the food I was talking about! And I thought adding pictures while describing food was a must!
        But when I make something I will definitely take a picture and share it!

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