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An invisible thread
Separate yet connected
Random strikes of lightning
Is it fate or just coincidence?
Aren’t they really just the same thing?
It may not happen when you want but it is always right on time
Visualise to materialise
Utilise the power of your mind
You have the key to unlock  the door to the life you have always wanted
Tiny miracles, serendipities are a reminder that you are safe and loved 
Tune your intuition to those hidden messages
Let the lessons  contribute to your growth, give good karma 
Have faith and trust the process.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 


16 thoughts on “Coincidence

  1. I believe that God has given me everything I need already to be happy and lead a successful life. I see miracles in my every day life and in the lives of those around me. I am so excited about all the possibilities!

  2. Lovely poem! Thank you for the reminder to see the tiny miracles and serendipities as a sign we are being watched over – I’ve had several of these in the past few days, and need to see them as the reassurances they are meant to be.

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