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20170709_18065720170709_17571520170709_17552620170709_17571920170709_17571520170709_17595620170709_18001520170709_17571120170709_180343A bridge is a symbol of this journey called life . The past , present and future and our journey to the other side . The bridge pictured is a representation of our Independence  . A symbol of what our ancestors went through , their struggle for rights and freedom . As I  contemplate “freedom” I ask myself are we truly “free” ? The shackles may no longer be physical but we are in chains mentally, financially  and emotionally .

In a society that is purely image based ; we are all pressured to fit in . Somehow everyone becomes obsessed with out doing their neighbors as if life is a race to win. We are all chained to something . Chained to debt , the need to be popular , the need to appear affluent . Small mindedness and prejudice still prevails so we all try to fit in the boxes that society has constructed .

AT the end of the day freedom sees to be an illusion . Our financial freedom has been severely compromised .We are taxed to the limit and it has become increasingly harder to survive . This society to me has always been oppressive by nature . There is no real freedom of choice . We must seemingly tolerate the constraints of our oppressor. These people that we voted for that promised to make this country better.

It is unfortunate when a people can’t see that no one is really independent . We are all dependent on each other in some way. The only way to thrive is to stick together . We are all walking on the same bridge , in this place we call home . The journey is the same no matter your color , sexuality or class . However ; cooperation is non-existent it seems we still have not learned from the past .

The bridge featured is named the Chamberlain Bridge it is in the heart of Bridgetown .It is also commonly called the Swing Bridge . This is actually one of my favorite parts of town . I love the view of the yachts and sitting by the water just calms my spirit . For a complete history on the bridge please feel free to Google or visit Wikipedia .

Pictured is the Commemorative Independence Arch . 


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