A Cheating Heart : Deny

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a cheating heart bajezen

Safely wrapped in the cocoon of a familiar lovers essence
Love stoned and tripping off of those dangerously seductive pheromones
Tiny imperfections, cracks in the surface of truth but didn’t all relationships have them?
In those near-sighted eyes, he was perfect and no one could ever love her like he did
Ignoring intuition. Averting her eyes to the blinding truth that faced her
She would deny  the evidence even though it was clearly presented
Questions, endless questions of the who, what and why
The shards  of mistrust assaulted her heart constantly 
Yet she stayed, but why? Was it stupidity
or maybe suffering was synonymous with love for her
She was fighting a losing battle
You could never really lay claim to a heart of a cheater.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

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