A Crumb Of Affection

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Today’s prompt made me think about baking. Can you tell? My mind was all over the place but that is standard. I came up with this while looking for a birthday cake recipe.

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Under pressure to hide our true selves and fit the mould
Don our costumes for the social media circus
We add all the toppings, put on the extra sprinkles
An episode of the ultimate baking challenge
To see who has the biggest,baddest cake

We must formulate the best recipe
For the likes, the comments, the disingenuous praise 
To claim the prize of validation
Some will lay themselves bare just for a crumb of affection
Superficial, empty calories
A feast for the eyes lighting the candles of the over-inflated ego

A temporary sugar high to fill a never-ending addiction
So what if you don’t like my flavour?

We all have different tastes
When you are soul fulfilled, no approval is needed
It’s all on the inside
Brush off those crumbs of judgement
A soul frosted with self-love smothered in self-acceptance  
A delectable treat

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

Photo via unsplash .com 

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