An Agile Approach To Life

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Life requires an agile approach. You have to be flexible and adaptable to maneuver those sharp turns and the rocky roads that you end up on sometimes. Change is like a river ever flowing. You will find yourself lost if you go against the tide.

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Always make peace with your current situation. Remember no situation is infinite. Open your mind to all possibilities. Being overly rigid will only break you down and leave you feeling defeated. Remember to always keep moving.



Express gratitude for everything. No matter how simple. Oftentimes we have so much more than we realize because we are too busy focusing on what is missing instead of all the great things we have within our reach. Never lose sight of or take for granted all of the value that there is in your life.


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Embrace the quirky imperfect being that you are. You are enough. The world needs you; not some carbon copy or a cheap imitation of who the world pressures you to be. Do not be defined by your possessions, your social status or your appearance all of that in the grand scheme of things is quite frivolous really. Work on feeding your soul, getting to know yourself so well to a point where nothing can shake you. You are a divine being. It is difficult but just drown out all of that external noise.


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Live and Do All Things With Love 

Some days it feels like we are merely existing as we are heavy laden with the hectic nature of modern-day life. Time is limited. There is fun to be had and memories to be made. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Do whatever your heart desires as long as it brings you happiness.It’s your story. No one has the right to tell you that you are doing it wrong . Screw the rules. There is no manual on how to experience life. Unpleasant moments and dubious decisions do not amount to a bad life. Don’t doubt yourself you are doing just fine.

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Expand your mind.

Educate yourself. I am not just referring to studying here. Ask questions. Read. Explore. Do not just blindly follow what you have been told. Question the status quo. The world needs more independent thinkers. Immerse yourself in new cultures and unique experiences. When you learn more about others you will be less judgemental and more tolerant of someone who does not look, dress or act like you.


Your current situation is never your final destination.  

Dare to live a life bountiful full of peace, love, and hope. There won’t always be rainbows and sunshine but whenever you can, however, you can call in the good.

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The Daily Prompt Agile 

35 thoughts on “An Agile Approach To Life

  1. Well… I feel like copying this whole text, printing it and sticking it on my noticeboard. Agree 100% with every single word though god knows I need the constant reminder of all of these!! Excellent post 😉

  2. Love post as always Tachi 🙂 It`s true that we tend to focus so much on what we don`t have and forget that we have much more to be grateful for… I had a hectic week at work and complained a lot about how may life sucks… then I bumped into a friend who has been struggling to get a new job for months after being laid off. And then it hit me… one bad day doesn’t mean a bad life! Thanks again for all the positivity xx

    • Girl, you hit the nail right on the head. The bad days make us appreciate the good days and when we think we are so badly off they are others who would give anything to have one of our bad days Thanks for commenting.

  3. spiceitupp says:

    Thought provoking post indeed! Sometimes you need to pause and think about the blessing called life!

  4. alifeofauthenticity says:

    Words of inspiration to live by. I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for the reminder. I saved a few on my pinterest boards. Thanks!

  5. These reminders are so important. We forget to live in the moment and take care of our mental and emotional health. Accepting things out of my control is something I am really struggling with.

  6. This is my favorite of all your posts Tachi! Applies to everyone, everywhere, no matter what their situation. And gave me a little push to learn something new today too.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. There are a lot of great reminders in this post, that people often forget or overlook. I love the quotes. you included. Very insightful!

  8. Your words are so inspiring! It’s so easy to blindly believe what the world tells us about who we are or who we should be – we have to question and fight it! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

  9. Love this! I make it a habit of practicing gratitude daily and find it has a huge impact on my mindset. I also commit to learning more ?

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