The Essential Tourist Guide : Fun things To Do In Barbados

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So you are planning a trip to Barbados and wondering what the heck do I do when I get there? Need some ideas? Here is a list that is just for you :


Let’s go to the beach : 



Barbados has approximately 61 beaches, For all, you beachaholics out there it is basically Vitamin Sea paradise. Some of the top rated beaches are :

The Crane Beach – St.Philip  

Bath Beach St. John 

Mullins – St.Peter 

My personal favorite is Browne’s Beach. The water is pristine and there are four beach bars and water sports activities for those looking for a good lime

Let’s go Sailing:

 A catamaran cruise is the ultimate fun in the sun experience. Snorkeling, food, and drinks or just relaxing in the sun. A slice of luxury mixed with a whole lot of laid-back fun.

These were the top rated ones :     


Cool Runnings 

Silver Moon 


Let’s hit the road:

The Bajan vintage open bus tour is a smash hit with tourists and locals alike  barbados_bajan bus

They offer four types of tours :

The Beautiful Beaches Tour

The Party Bus Crawl

Unesco Bajan Heritage Tour 

The Attractions Lunch Tour 

Check them out


Let’s go Cave Exploring :

One of Barbados greatest natural treasures is The Harrison’s Cave Located in St Thomas. It is a must-see attraction for any visitor to the island.


The Animal Flower Cave is Barbados’ only accessible sea cave. It is located in North Point. St .Lucy . It has a children’s play park, stalls selling craft, art, and jewellery. There is also a restaurant that serves some delicious cuisine.



Let’s go horseback riding:

The most popular venue offering horseback riding was Ocean Echo stables in New Castle St. John . Go explore the countryside or  beach


Let’s explore Nature:

There are so many bountiful nature spots in Barbados. Great for the entire family, nature lovers, photographers there is something here for you. The tops spots include  :

Andromeda Gardens  St. Joseph 

Flower Forest  St. Joseph 

Welchman Hall Gully St. Thomas 

Farley Hill National Park  St. Peter 

Orchid World  St George 

Hunte’s Gardens St. Joseph 

Folkestone Marine Park St.James 

Gun Hill Signal Station St. George 


Let’s learn how to surf:

Another activity for the beach lovers. According to Trip Advisor Bodie’s  Surf School has been awarded the certificate of excellence in 2014-15-16. They also offer windsurfing, stand up paddling and kite surfing. Check them out at

I hope you enjoyed this post. Now all you have to do is plan your getaway.  We look forward to having you here. Love and Blessings


I recently found a more comprehensive guide written by the lovely Jen Miller check out 100 Best Things To Do in Barbados 

As a local, I can attest that she did a pretty awesome job. 

54 thoughts on “The Essential Tourist Guide : Fun things To Do In Barbados

  1. Carissa Eva Stephanie Vikis says:

    Barbados is one of my top ten places I want to visit! Being an island girl myself (half Greek Cypriot, half French from Martinique!) I am a total beach bum! I love the list and how you recommend names of places to go and what activities to do along with the name of the top tours. Amazing pictures, and great post!

    • tachiwi says:

      I have to do a post on accomodations . I would recommend a small guest house or short term rental . Mostly beach related stuff . I am a beachaolic. I forget the jetskis too so much fun ! Thanks for reading

    • tachiwi says:

      It’s rare to see them 🙂 Hope you had a good time here . Next time now you have an idea of what you can do . I live here and prob have not done half of these things lol

  2. cutsforhim says:

    I am ashamed to say I have not been to the caribbean before. However, my first stop could just be Barbados due to be blog post.

  3. alifeofauthenticity says:

    I have not been to Barbados as an adult. This is a great list of fun activities that I would love to do. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kelli says:

    What a fun trip. Those beaches…sigh. Would love to be there right now! So the cave adventure leaves me feeling both awed and anxious.

  5. Karla says:

    Barbados is a beautiful place. We’re planning to travel this, I hope we could visit there soon. Great post!

  6. nadaliebardo says:

    These are all good and exciting suggestions. Of course the first thing you need to do once you arrive is hit the beach. I would love to tour the city and if there is enough time go to that beautiful garden.

    • Tachiwi says:

      As a self declared beach bum . I say yes to the beach every time . The island is pretty small so I think you could fit a lot into a few days .

  7. Angela Hoyos says:

    looks like a gorgeous place. Barbados is definitely on my list! Last year was St. Lucia, this year is Grenada next year will be Aruba and I am hoping that the year after that will be Barbados. I will have to remember this list !

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