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There are many things that are edible but not really nourishing to the body.


So when you grab that next quick fix be mindful of what it does to your body.
Junk food creates junk bodies so make taking care of yourself a priority.
God created fruits and vegetables to make us bountiful, blissful and healthy.
The thing I love about island life is the fact that you can get “fast food” from the trees and nature. I remember when I was younger we used to live for tamarinds, dunks and fat porks. Now for the sake of convenience, we all started eating out of boxes; eating grease and chemicals and basically sludge which does nothing to fuel our bodies.
The breadfruit, the mangoes, sweet potatoes and plantains that our fore -parents lived on made them strong and vibrant. Sadly we all got lazy, not realising they are plenty of cheap, quick and delicious meals you can prepare from nature’s bounty. Tasty, hearty and filling too; trust me just try a roast breadfruit. It’s a delight to the palate.
I just love colourful fruits and vegetables and making my dishes rainbow pretty. Let’s add something natural to our diets today and get back to being healthy.

© Tachira Wiltshire

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