Beauty in the Dark

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People often associate the dark with fear and ugliness. There can be beautiful things discovered in the dark. In dark times we discover our greatest strengths.  The darkness brings sunsets, bright lights, and my favorite the moon. Here is my entry for this week.


beauty in the dark

On the Boardwalk 

2010-04-02 15.10.392010-08-14 08.14.122010-08-14 08.10.01

Views From The 13th Floor

2010-07-17 13.30.552010-07-23 09.35.08IMG_265920170809_215550 (1)20170809_215520 (1)2010-07-14 14.06.07

Overcast Beach day And Beach Bar View  

IMAG08222010-08-08 08.26.12

Trying to Capture the Moon


A Nightcap  Before Bed – Rum and Coke  

20170122_195430 (1)

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