6 Everyday Products For A More Beautiful You

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These days everyone is looking to make the most out of their money. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to look and feel great. For us, beauty babes on a budget here are my fave products that you can find right in your kitchen. Maybe you can do a facial while you have a cup or cook to save time. Yay! for multitasking.

Epsom salts:

This is probably the cheapest most beneficial product you can use.It retails for under 5 Bds .Epsom salts can cleanse you from the inside out. Here in Barbados, the older folks used it for a good “purge” or detox.  use it as a relaxing bath soak, a body scrub and foot scrub along with your favourite essential oil.It leaves you feeling invigorated and significantly less stressed.P1240047-640x500

Brown sugar:

My favourite way to use sugar is to bake with it of course :)) I prefer the larger grains and they make an excellent exfoliant. Brown sugar coupled with coconut oil and vanilla can make an excellent all over body scrub.It will leave you smelling and feeling as warm and toasty as freshly baked goods.Yummy !


Baking Soda:

Not the most glamorous looking or smelling of the list but who can beat cheap and effective. It can be used to :

Clarify your hair, Whiten your teeth, mixed with water for a deep cleansing face and body scrub. Use it as deodorant a nail scrub and it also makes a rejuvenating foot soak.


Apple cider vinegar:

This one is extremely popular you just have to google it. This product aids in weight loss, reduction in foot odour, lowers blood sugar, clarifies hair as a pre-poo treatment (or mix it with your shampoo). I mix it with my Bentonite clay for a deep cleaning mask (which reminds me I need a facial )  It can also be used a facial toner, to treat razor bumps and bug bites. Just add water.



Coffee is my pick me up, the smell the taste the warmth.Oooh, come to mama! I have used leftover coffee grounds along with brown sugar and coconut oil as a body scrubs. Articles have stated that coffee can reduce cellulite.Who says coffee is bad for you?


Green tea:

I have to admit I was never a tea lover but I  developed a bond like no other during my pregnancy. I drank it, I slathered it on. It was a staple in my diet and beauty routine. It is a fat burning, an antioxidant-filled gem of a product. I used the leftover tea bags in my scrubs, steeped them and used it as a facial toner. The best part is you can combine any of the products on this list to come u with your own formulas to cater to your specific needs.

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My main source of Diy beauty recipes is Indian spot on Facebook. Easy and affordable to make and they also list the befits of the products you are using. If you are an aspiring naturalista, looking to save money or just trying to reduce the chemicals you are exposed to on the daily. I would recommend you google the items I have listed or visit the page above. You won’t be disappointed. #theglowuponabudget . Pinterest is not only therapeutic but they have awesome recipes as well.

26 thoughts on “6 Everyday Products For A More Beautiful You

  1. Doreen Hamangambwa says:

    I am for DIYs and I already use some of your ideas. I will incorporate ALL of these for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing these great tips on different uses for products we already have at home. I’m a big fan of apple cider vinegar already, can’t wait to try the brown sugar scrub!

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