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braids and glam bajezen

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I like to lend my support to others who have taken the bold step to become their own boss. I admire any and everyone who has the dedication and drive to manage their own business.
With that being said, I have decided to feature As a natural haired lady, I can truly appreciate the value of a good stylist. Braids and glam, however, is not just a  salon, they have an online store as well featuring a variety of African inspired products that include clothing, beauty and so much more. My favourites are the natural oatmeal soap, the activated charcoal soap. You can check out the benefits of activated charcoal here. I also am a shea butter girl. Anyone who knows me knows I love natural products. I am also really feeling the bracelets.

braids and glam bajezen
Activated Charcoal Soap
braids and glam bajezen
African Shea Butter
braids and glam bajezen
Oatmeal Soap
bajezen braids and glam
Ankara Bracelets

If you are like me and love natural products and supporting small businesses Check them out  on



Love and Blessings Tachi

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