Breakfast at Bliss Barbados

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This past Friday me and one of my best friends Marvin decide to go treat ourselves to breakfast at Bliss Cafe. 20170901_114054


Bliss cafe is located in St. Lawrence Gap, Dover and as the name suggests you can find a slice of happiness here. It is a family owned cafe that caters to all your breakfast, brunch and lunch needs. They designed the menu with everyone in mind as they are vegetarian. Gluten free and vegan options.



I love the location. It is a stone throw away from Dover beach. It is cool and breezy. It just gives off an all-around positive chill vibe. The customer service was excellent and the food is just yummy. Not to mention it is very affordable. A feast for the eyes, a treat for your tummy and a place to relax and recharge. There is also free Wi-Fi.Next time you are in Barbados pop in, you won’t be disappointed. 


There were so many great options on the menu I just literally wanted to get everything! I kid you not. I ended up ordering the raspberry waffles, turkey ham flatbread, and a mocha drink. The food is not just pretty it is satisfying too. I really do not concern myself with calories. I had the works chocolate, melted cheese, whipped cream, and coffee. It tasted hella good.Two thumbs up and five stars from me. Here is a little food porn 🙂 20170901_110236


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