Cake is Life : Collage

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Baking is one of my favourite past times. Not only do I love it because I have a huge sweet tooth; I love the opportunity to create something that brings joy and comfort to friends and family.

For me, cake is a metaphor for life .Sometimes you have all the ingredients and method correct and still have a giant flop on your hands. I have had a few flops on my hands like the black forest cake that resembled the leaning tower of Pisa . Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Life lesson: Even though things don’t turn out as planned, there may still be something sweet that comes out of it all. Think about it cake is the ultimate expression of celebration. From birthdays to weddings to friendly outings we enjoy cake .

We need comfort, we eat cake, we laugh, we cry there is cake!  The varieties and possibilities are endless . There is something for everyone because cake is life .

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