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Water baby .. Ooh Shiny !

Always guaranteed to distract me: Water.  This was the highlight of my usual Sunday walk through the park. The fountain is never on. Yesterday it was, what a pleasant surprise! It caught the attention of lots of others who stopped to take pics . I guess I am not the only one in love with water ! So relaxing and pretty. OohShiny!!


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Elemental : The simple pleasures of Life

The Earth to ground us 

A place to play 

Azure waters to frolic in 

Chase those blues away 

Look up at the sky, beautiful blues and fiery reds 

Give thanks for fresh air 

Watch the palm trees blowing in the wind

Appreciation for simple pleasures 

The elements of life.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


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Daily post photo challenge, photography

Something about water : Satisfaction

There is something about water that soothes my soul.   The sight of it, the sound of it. It is just so relaxing and invigorating. I am particularly passionate about the beach but any glistening water view just tickles my fancy and brings me so much joy.  Beautiful blues and luminous waters. I hope you enjoy these views as well. Love and Blessings Tachi



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Daily post photo challenge :Unusual

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For this week’s challenge, my feature are these hip and cool puffer fish. Yes, that one is actually smoking.  Not a sight I see every day but these prickly ones can be seen at the Animal Flower Cave.St Lucy. These are ones from my archives. The giant shell also caught my eye as well.  When I saw this I imagined the sky as the water and the trees as sea plants. Hope you enjoy my slightly weird amateur photo entry.


Daily post photo challenge

Sea creatures , scenery and surf :collage

As an island girl, I grew up with a love for the beach. When you live on an island every day is summer. Here are a few shots of some beaches I have visited the island and also some of the marine inhabitants. Enjoy ! Like, critique or comment. Happy Friday everyone 🙂



Daily post photo challenge

Postcards from around the world :Collage

It’s Flash back Friday 🙂 About four years ago my best pal Shaunie and I  went on an old-time bus ride. The bus was commonly known as a jitney bus. It took us through the countryside and also provided us with a history lesson. One of the highlights for me was the Animal Flower Cave. I stumbled upon this bar; where the walls were covered in postcards and business cards from around the world. This was so fascinating to me as I pictured how many people had visited from all around the world. As I read some of them I pictured their faces and their stories and it so reminded me how very small this world really is. In reality we are aren’t much different from each other.  I too hope to travel to far and exotic places someday. We welcome you no matter where you are from. You can find a slice of home here in Barbados.



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Cake is Life : Collage

Baking is one of my favourite past times. Not only do I love it because I have a huge sweet tooth; I love the opportunity to create something that brings joy and comfort to friends and family.

For me, cake is a metaphor for life .Sometimes you have all the ingredients and method correct and still have a giant flop on your hands. I have had a few flops on my hands like the black forest cake that resembled the leaning tower of Pisa . Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Life lesson: Even though things don’t turn out as planned, there may still be something sweet that comes out of it all. Think about it cake is the ultimate expression of celebration. From birthdays to weddings to friendly outings we enjoy cake .

We need comfort, we eat cake, we laugh, we cry there is cake!  The varieties and possibilities are endless . There is something for everyone because cake is life .

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Daily post photo challenge:Bridge

20170709_18065720170709_17571520170709_17552620170709_17571920170709_17571520170709_17595620170709_18001520170709_17571120170709_180343A bridge is a symbol of this journey called life . The past , present and future and our journey to the other side . The bridge pictured is a representation of our Independence  . A symbol of what our ancestors went through , their struggle for rights and freedom . As I  contemplate “freedom” I ask myself are we truly “free” ? The shackles may no longer be physical but we are in chains mentally, financially  and emotionally .

In a society that is purely image based ; we are all pressured to fit in . Somehow everyone becomes obsessed with out doing their neighbors as if life is a race to win. We are all chained to something . Chained to debt , the need to be popular , the need to appear affluent . Small mindedness and prejudice still prevails so we all try to fit in the boxes that society has constructed .

AT the end of the day freedom sees to be an illusion . Our financial freedom has been severely compromised .We are taxed to the limit and it has become increasingly harder to survive . This society to me has always been oppressive by nature . There is no real freedom of choice . We must seemingly tolerate the constraints of our oppressor. These people that we voted for that promised to make this country better.

It is unfortunate when a people can’t see that no one is really independent . We are all dependent on each other in some way. The only way to thrive is to stick together . We are all walking on the same bridge , in this place we call home . The journey is the same no matter your color , sexuality or class . However ; cooperation is non-existent it seems we still have not learned from the past .

The bridge featured is named the Chamberlain Bridge it is in the heart of Bridgetown .It is also commonly called the Swing Bridge . This is actually one of my favorite parts of town . I love the view of the yachts and sitting by the water just calms my spirit . For a complete history on the bridge please feel free to Google or visit Wikipedia .

Pictured is the Commemorative Independence Arch . 


Daily post photo challenge

The Daily post photo challenge :Delta

20170101_00013520170101_000141via Photo Challenge: Delta

For this weeks challenge I decided to throw it back to New years Eve . During this time we reflect on change and what we hope for in the year to come . Think about it so much can happen in a year . Love is lost and found , jobs change , new friendships . That night was one of the best of my life . I spent it with a friend very dear yo my heart . We laughed,  we drank and celebrated life . The  fireworks and their changing form the ebb the flow ;The loud bangs the short burst of noise and color changes all can reflect the various events of life . This saying is so cliche but the only constant of life is change . Every day our bodies undergo transformation ad over time so does our soul . My take away from this week’s theme is that no matter what we go through we adapt , we grow and most importantly we should celebrate life . Perspective is everything .