The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos


A breezy Sunday
The lone fisherman sits and waits
It may be a hobby, a means of escape, a chance to bond with nature
He prepares his line and casts it out not knowing what will bite
An exercise in patience, he is waiting for his first catch
when will it be?
Hopefully not all night. 

Written By Tachira Wiltshire 

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The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Corners of Barbados .

Views from various corners of Barbados. Focusing on the corners of structures and scenes that caught my eye. Hope you Enjoy 🙂 

Bathsheba -St. Joseph

2013-09-08 13.50.55

2007-01-01 00.58.08

2013-09-08 11.46.56

2013-09-09 12.03.21

Farley Hill -St . Peter

2013-04-13 15.32.002013-04-13 15.34.04

Bridgetown Barbados 


This last one is painted on a restaurant located on the corner of my favorite beach. I think it’s unusual but oddly attractive. I have weird tastes. 


The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Water baby .. Ooh Shiny !

Always guaranteed to distract me: Water.  This was the highlight of my usual Sunday walk through the park. The fountain is never on. Yesterday it was, what a pleasant surprise! It caught the attention of lots of others who stopped to take pics . I guess I am not the only one in love with water ! So relaxing and pretty. OohShiny!!


The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Elemental : The simple pleasures of Life

The Earth to ground us 

A place to play 

Azure waters to frolic in 

Chase those blues away 

Look up at the sky, beautiful blues and fiery reds 

Give thanks for fresh air 

Watch the palm trees blowing in the wind

Appreciation for simple pleasures 

The elements of life.

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


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The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Something about water : Satisfaction

There is something about water that soothes my soul.   The sight of it, the sound of it. It is just so relaxing and invigorating. I am particularly passionate about the beach but any glistening water view just tickles my fancy and brings me so much joy.  Beautiful blues and luminous waters. I hope you enjoy these views as well. Love and Blessings Tachi



The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Daily post photo challenge :Unusual

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For this week’s challenge, my feature are these hip and cool puffer fish. Yes, that one is actually smoking.  Not a sight I see every day but these prickly ones can be seen at the Animal Flower Cave.St Lucy. These are ones from my archives. The giant shell also caught my eye as well.  When I saw this I imagined the sky as the water and the trees as sea plants. Hope you enjoy my slightly weird amateur photo entry.