Daily prompt, Poetry

Left in a lurch


She lay broken, bare, confused by it all
Unfortunate circumstances are thrown at her unexpectedly
Stuck in a tornado of tragedies
Unable to view the glass as half full
Clinging to the last sliver of hope
Feeling as though life had left her in the lurch
She clawed out of that dark hole of unfulfilled expectations
Realising a pity party would not resolve the situation
With fresh determination, she would change her focus
Energy surged as she reflected on what was good
Life was not about perfection
Metamorphosis: the pain , the struggles
Would transform her into the beautiful butterfly she was destined to become

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Photo source https://optiknerve-gr.deviantart.com/art/metamorphosis-004-202658341

Daily prompt, Poetry

In a trance



Words flowed from his lips like honey

Buzzing in her head 

Echoes of his whispers 

Memories of soft, sensual caresses 

The lips, the eyes, his chocolate melting into her body 

Heat filled the room 

She reached for him 

In a trance, she awoke searching for her lover 

but alas, it was all a dream 

She lay there drowning in the ocean of wanting 

Hypnotised by memories of his intoxicating essence 

Reminiscing, in a daze, captivated 

Alone and yearning 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Image from Deviant Art The erotic void _II by Deignis http://adamakis.blogspot.com/

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Daily prompt, Poetry

Haiku :Trance




Another attempt at Haiku. Challenging  myself as my words just go on for days :)))

 Interpretation of today’s Daily Prompt  Trance  

Awake or half asleep

Is this reality of a bad dream

Struggling to be free 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

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Daily prompt, Poetry

A fairytale : Recite

Declarations of love
Recited out loud
Beautiful backdrops
Proud parents and closest friends make up the crowd
A wedding is a true fairy tale , at least that’s what they say

We promise to love each other forever on this day
Till death do us part
Our souls eternally bound
Vows are sacred, a pact
Never to be taken lightly
Marriage was never cut out for those whose spirits are too flighty 
Old-fashioned it may seem to be faithful to one
When one can dabble in the ocean of plenty
I would rather find love, that’s lasting and true
Than feel used up and empty
So I sit here  waiting for Godot to come
I have had my share of loving the wrong ones
Solitary but never lonely

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

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Daily prompt, Poetry

The Joy of Being Solitary

I live for the moments when I can be alone 

I find my light in being solitary

I can strip off the mask 

Be my weird, quirky self 

A welcomed break from the ordinary

A lotus pose, eyes closed 

Celebrating the rhythm of my breath 

Totally in touch with my senses 

Escaping the noise 

Deep conversations with myself 

Creativity sparked, transported to a place so magical 

I am limitless 

Feeling, beautiful, bountiful and blissed 

In tune with my femininity 

Celebrating  the beauty of life 

Engulfed with the joy of being solitary 

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Daily prompt, Inspiration, Poetry

Let love Unfurl

The world as we know it is in a chaotic state

Something dark and ugly triggered

The banner of hate unfurled at an alarming rate

Stories of crashes and bombs and senseless animosity 

Everyday life seemingly has become a cheesy blockbuster movie

Or is this just a replica of reality tv?

I shudder to think that this is the legacy we will leave

for future generations

Each one can make a difference

The lessons always begin at home

Teach our children  the merits  of meditation, diversity, and love 

The value of lending a hand when someone is in need

Teach selflessness, to be selfish is a curse

No one can achieve anything of real meaning

    Without seeing the good in others 

I am a strong believer that love will always trump hate

Spread the message of positivity

Whatever little you can do to heal the human race

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Daily prompt, Poetry

Beach Days – Grainy

Summer is almost over

Time for one last frolic

Grainy sand beneath your feet 

A sno- cone to beat the heat

Couples basking in the sun

Tropical drinks for everyone

Children building sand castles

While they laugh and play

Happiness abounds , nothing here to darken our days

Relaxation, Meditation, Rejuvenation

Nature provides a slice of heaven in the form of sun, sand, and waves

A place to sit back, chill and enjoy life

Nothing compares to the vibe of a beach day

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire



Daily prompt

Haiku – Grainy

This is my first attempt at Haiku. My horoscope said I should try new things. I quite agree. This one incorporates the daily prompt grainy.  It was quite difficult for a talkative one like myself to put this together.A short interpretation on life. 

Many shades of gray 

The highway infinitely grainy 

Just embrace the journey  

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire 

Photo by Alan Cross Deviant Art via Google