The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Loyalty Or Self Sacrifice ? Be Loyal To Yourself First

be loyal to yourself bajezen


We all want someone we can rely on, a partner,  a lover who we can share our lives with. Somehow, being loyal appears to have become synonymous with taking shit . Has our modern way of life turned loyalty into self-sacrifice? I think, over time we have accepted doing the least, letting things slide and just half-assing relationships as the new normal.

I too have been guilty of giving my all for what I perceived to be real love. I remember being awake several nights ruminating; surely this was not what fairy tales are made of. I do believe that relationships require some form of compromise or minor sacrifice. However, if your significant other should never leave your soul feeling gutted. Some start off so sweetly and when it all ends they are the one holding the knife. Et Tu Brute?



As you look into the eyes of your once fascinating lover and wonder when did this magnificent creature become a beast? My poor deluded heart. Ugh . The jokes I could tell you about my past loves would seriously leave you deceased but let us not go there. Just thank the heavens we eventually wake up from the lust induced stupor.

What exactly do you gain from giving your all to a self-centered twit who cares nothing for you or your feelings? Your time is way too valuable. Just watch how quickly they will move on if you let them go.Stop treating yourself like a charity. Let your output match the input. After all, charitable work does result in good feelings.If you find yourself bitching constantly about how they do you wrong and how your effort is not being matched then take the advice of that Usher song and Just Let It Burn. No, I don’t mean setting their stuff on fire, although oddly enough that could be quite therapeutic.

Love should never leave you feeling hollow. Are you trading your loyalty for feeling broken, worthless and so distorted that you look in the mirror and wonder who is that weak bitch looking back at you? Is losing yourself really worth the illusion of companionship?

I am not strictly speaking of romantic relationships. Anyone who does not have your best interest at heart does not deserve your loyalty. I am speaking from experience; take my foolish advice and shower yourself with love. Be loyal to yourself first, you deserve nothing but the best. Do not tolerate anyone that openly disrespects you, shatters your inner peace and leaves your spirit tattered and torn all for the sake of loyalty.

Inspired by The Daily Prompt Loyal 

One day you will find something worthwhile until then don’t take no mess. What are your views on loyalty? We are open for discussion below 🙂

The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Succumb To Temptation

insanely picturesque landscapes.png


Why was the forbidden always so enticing?
Trying to obey the rules
The tension was mounting
Being good was becoming a chore
One sip from the cup of temptation left her yearning
Consumed by the ardent flames of desire
She would succumb to the lure of his unmistakable presence
Passion erupted, she savoured the intoxicating taste of sin
A good girl  went rogue 
No turning back
An unforgettable ride
The perfect mix of heaven and hell
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Cloaked Figures

For Tourists.


She had grown accustomed to the pretence
Blurred Lines
Lies or Reality?
Haunted by cloaked figures of the past
Suffering in silence
Afraid to share her story
Confusion, chaos mixed with inner turmoil
A volatile cocktail
Duality, A life veiled in secrecy
Demons, her secret lovers she caressed and cursed them simultaneously
Keep it together, don’t lose  your shit
She muttered to herself repeatedly
Pain erupted, leaving her hopelessly numb
Fearing rejection, at odds with her state of vulnerability
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


cloaked figures

The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

Detecting Fraud

detecting fraud


Nothing is ever really as it seems in life
Most of the time we have selective sight
People will enter your life as innocent as ever, with cruel intentions, unpredictable just like the weather
Detecting fraud is never a straightforward task
Narcissists and damaged individuals often are quite skilled at pretending that they are a Godsend
Eventually like parasites they eat away at your core, mess with your mind
If you do not escape them, they will eventually break you
Strip you down, make you doubt your value
People are complex beings like Forest Gump said you never know what you are getting
Words become cheap perfume overpowering and quite deceiving
The key is to remain your sweet self throughout life
Don’t let the circumstances leave you seething
Take the lessons, repair the wounds
Better, not bitter, start on your journey of healing

Copyright Tachira Wiltshire  

The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

You are Exceptional


Comparisons are groundless
Left behind, trying to play catch up with others will distort your view and play with your mind
Basing your assessment on pretty pictures
You don’t know the half of their life story
A smile can hide so much pain, turmoil, self-loathing and misery
You may feel small, insignificant, incapable of achieving anything
Forget about running the race
There is no competition, move at your own pace
Nothing is quite as important as peace of mind
Look in the mirror say ”I Love you ”
You are exceptional, a limited edition, beautiful in your own right
A flawesome masterpiece the world needs you to share your light
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

The Lioness

The lioness A poem by


Never a fan of the timid approach
Ferocious in the pursuit of all her goals
 Wild at heart, no one could ever tame her
Determined to leave a big bold stamp on life
She dreamed of the best, manifesting the mediocre would never suffice
Outlandish, resolute she would not be thwarted
She laughed at those who tried to mould her into their own image
Celebrating herself was a right, not a privilege
Hers was a world painted fluorescent with imagination and creativity
No boxes existed no space for negativity
She was a queen sitting on her self-made throne
The lioness conquers she does fear roaming on her own 
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire

bajezen power of thoughts

The Power Of Thoughts

bajezen power of thoughts


Thoughts become things
So what do you believe in?
Do you listen to that little nag in your head that whispers ”you can’t  do it ”
You should be your most fervent cheerleader, immerse yourself in positivity
Never let  tiny missteps, discouragements limit your possibilities
You have all the tools engrained in your DNA  to overcome any calamity  
Just look around, tiny miracles transpire and surround you every day
Accompanied  by an intangible force, an inescapable essence
Celebrate your blessings, shift your focus from your problems
Be confident and believe that everything is going your way
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire


bajezen power of thoughts

The Beauty Of Sunset Finding Order In The Chaos

In Love With Love

in love with love bajezen

Lights off
This heart is now vacant
One too many heart breaks
Far too many lies
What once was elastic is now rigid, cold
No bouncing back from this one
They say let the fractures heal
Maybe then she could learn how to love and not feel
Hollow, a dull ache in her chest
She could not bear to give her all to another disappointment
The foolish heart never seems to learn the lessons
She swore this was the last time, enough with the pain
In love with love, silly girl
A repeat performer, sooner or later she would do it all again.
Copyright Tachira Wiltshire