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Hi there lovelies. Welcome to my third entrepreneur feature. Today is all about handmade jewellery. Beads and stones and charms oh my 🙂 If you have not heard of this company already let me introduce you to Wrist Culture. Wrist Culture offers exquisite handmade designs for any and every occasion. I am kind of addicted at the moment. I am currently about to buy my fourth piece. Something about this brand just screams luxury and classic elegance. I recently had a short interview with the owner as you know I love to promote small business and I also love to shop. I joke with him all the time that he can take all of my money.

Check out these alluring designs on Facebook @  https://www.facebook.com/TheWristCulture/   

On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wristculture/ or Place your orders via thewristculture@gmail.com 

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When was Wrist Culture founded and what inspired you to start the business?


Wrist Culture’s debuted in May 2016 with the Royal Court Collection. The two-year anniversary is a little over a month away, May 12th.

The concept of Wrist Culture was to create beautifully beaded bracelet collections with pieces which are both limited in their number but also accessible in terms of price.


Share with us your main sources of creative inspiration.

As cliché as it sounds, music would have to be one of my main sources of inspiration. Listening to artists like Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, The Killers  even Rick Ross provides me with such wonder as to “What would the person singing or being sung about wear on their wrist?” Additionally, I have a background in retail fashion marketing where I always tried to tap into the minds of my clients’ customers to anticipate what they’d want from season to season. 


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Tell us what makes your brand unique?

For me, each bracelet is a work of art designed to be timeless so as to never be too classic or too outlandish. No disrespect to my contemporaries and predecessors, but Wrist Culture has a heavy focus on originality of design, quality of craftsmanship and the after-sales service to ensure customers can enjoy their pieces for years, not just weeks or months. To that end the components are tested, coated to prevent premature tarnishing, updated when better options come along and of course, the First Repair Free service and affordable Bracelet Refresh service to fix, update or upgrade a piece.




What was your favourite collection and why? 

That’s pretty tough to answer because each collection will, of course, be special to me for their own reasons but I’ll tell you my 3 favourite collections.

1. The Royal Court Collection which was my very first collection. It introduced the world to Wrist Culture and showed my contenders that this brand was seriously revolutionizing how bracelet designs in Barbados and by extension the Caribbean were done.

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wristculture the royal court collection bajezen


wristculture the royal court collection bajezen


2. The Higher Power Collection which came immediately after the Royal Court Collection was one of Wrist Culture’s most successful collections and it appealed to both the religious and free-spirited. Using bone and wood really gave the pieces a feeling of connectivity to both the earth and to the heavens & the spirit. 

wristculture the higher power collection

the higher power collection wristculture


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3. The 2018 Dragon Collection which is a rebirth of the 2017 Dragon Collection. This time around it featured three tiers of designs to reflect tastes and price points. I love this fledgeling collection because it shows the evolution from the 2017 version to the 2018 version and features some of the most beautiful and admittedly polarizing designs of Wrist Culture’s history. Very symbolic as we approach the second year!

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the single dragon wristculture bajezen

wristculture dragon collection 2018 bajezen


 Do you have a signature piece? 

While each collection does feature an ultra limited edition design, my signature piece is one I wear almost every day. It features Onyx, Blue Goldstone, Swarovski crystals and an Arc du Triomphe charm I picked up in Paris on a sterling silver jump ring. Only one of its kind.

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Do you create custom orders and how can someone contact you to have their design made?

Custom orders do comprise a large share of the work coming out of Wrist Culture, and we encourage our customers to be creative and we will work together to create their dream pieces. Simply email us at thewristculture@gmail.com to get started!

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Two pieces that I have purchased


What are the goals of the business? 


Ultimately, the main goals of Wrist Culture are to inspire other designers to challenge their creations and evolve. Also to get to a point where Wrist Culture can branch out into fine jewellery including real gold and silver links and have charms forged specifically for the brand.


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An exclusive sneak peek at one of the pieces of the Royal Court Collection which will be available in May to celebrate the second anniversary of Wrist Culture.


A piece from The Royal Court Collection Available in May


If you want to get your hands on one of these gorgeous pieces or you have an idea for a personalised piece in mind you can email @thewrisculture@gmail .com or check them out on Instagram.  

Entreprenuer Feature : The Pal Project

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Hi there, beautiful people welcome to my second entrepreneur feature. I am really excited to share this product with you guys. This week I am featuring a young Barbadian entrepreneur. Roland F. A Harewood. He honestly is one of the most versatile individuals I know. I recently had a short interview with him about Pal, A product which is designed to aid children with sleep.As a mother, this is one I can truly appreciate. 


Tell me about yourself.

Wow, where to start. Currently, I’m the Director of PR and Business Development at Logical. I’m relatively young (for now), smart, passionate about my work & friendships and I guess some people would say I’m a bit ruthless when it comes to making snap decisions in both business and in life.


What is Pal?

Pal is a rest-assist device, perfect for children. It provides night-time comfort using non-disruptive lighting patterns. Children often need some light in order to feel a sense of safety and security in the absence of their parent(s) being physically present. Pal® does this in a way that supports children’s mental development and provides a comforting reassurance to parents. However, anyone can use Pal to help calm their minds before bed.

What inspired you to create Pal? 

My partner Steve Dash is who actually conceptualized the device back in 2013 and I’m the one who gave Pal its name. Originally he wanted to design a night-light that didn’t look childish and gimmicky, then he refined it after discussing it with Dr Cheryl Rock who is a specialist in children’s mental health and development. We worked together at an offshore company, that’s where we met. It wasn’t the most pleasant experience but that was our first time working on a startup and using the crowdfunding platform. So ultimately from that experience came this opportunity to think and do things differently than how they’re done here. Food for thought I’d say.

Where and when will the product be available?

Speaking of crowdfunding, Pal will be available for pre-order on Indiegogo in late November, and our campaign will last for 60 days. However, we are currently live and running on www.thepallight.com and you can also follow @palbylogical on Twitter and Instagram and Like u on Facebook – facebook.com/palbylogical

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Braids and Glam : Entrepreneur Feature

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As an aspiring entrepreneur, I like to lend my support to others who have taken the bold step to become their own boss. I admire any and everyone who has the dedication and drive to manage their own business.
With that being said, I have decided to feature https://www.braidsnglam.com/. As a natural haired lady, I can truly appreciate the value of a good stylist. Braids and glam, however, is not just a  salon, they have an online store as well featuring a variety of African inspired products that include clothing, beauty and so much more. My favourites are the natural oatmeal soap, the activated charcoal soap. You can check out the benefits of activated charcoal here. I also am a shea butter girl. Anyone who knows me knows I love natural products. I am also really feeling the bracelets.

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Activated Charcoal Soap
braids and glam bajezen
African Shea Butter
braids and glam bajezen
Oatmeal Soap
bajezen braids and glam
Ankara Bracelets

If you are like me and love natural products and supporting small businesses Check them out  on



Love and Blessings Tachi