Take Control And Feel Free Email Challenge : Five Days To A Better You

Take control and Feel Free Email Challenge #selfdiscovery #selfcare #selflove #inspiration


I can honestly say that October has been quite a bittersweet month for me. It started with birthday celebrations for myself and one of my fave co-workers; that was definitely the high point. It also has been ripe with financial mishaps, tons of work stress and various other happenings that would make a really juicy telenovela…Life.

Let’s just say that I have not been my most vibrant, positive self. I am often disappointed that I am not Wonder Woman and as a result, I can’t fix all the problems of the world. Is that a trait of all mothers or just my overly obsessive Scorpio moon tendencies? (p.s I am an astrology nut) . She is a badass, she has it all handled. I do on most days; on others as my nearest and dearest would agree I am a mess. We all are in some way, aren’t we? I openly embrace my messy; it is what makes us unique.

I found myself in desperate need of a spiritual pick me up and the Universe answered. Lucy Smith, a personal development coach and owner of Succeed Now reached out to me and encouraged me to sign up for her 5-day email challenge Take Control and Feel Free.
I think she sent it two weeks ago. Hey, I still procrastinate. Procrastination another one of my messy traits. It is a  work in progress. I decided to share this with you because I love spreading good vibes and you like me may be tired, stressed or just need a little boost. Hopefully, at the end of the challenge, you will get your mojo back.

Take control and Feel Free Email Challenge #waystofeedyoursoul #selfcare#personal development #motivation .


 Rediscovering Gratitude- Day One 

Gratitude is such a simple and often overlooked concept. We seem to find it easier to focus on the drama and all that is going wrong; instead of just simply giving thanks for the good stuff. Trust me, even when everything appears to be shit there is always some tiny spark of light somewhere . You just have to look. I created a gratitude jar because I love anything simple and crafty. I found an old mason jar in the kitchen cupboard. I decorated it with a few stickers and started On October 30th. I plan to write one thing I am grateful for every day until the end of the year. I also incorporated day 2 of the 20 Day mental health challenge which asked us to journal 10 things we are grateful for and I dropped those in the jar as well .i find myself complaining a lot lately. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to shift focus to all the good things I have and all of the awesome people I am surrounded by.


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Gratitude jar . Practice Gratitude Daily To Raise Your Vibes #gratitude #self care #soulcare #blessings #self-improvement



 Giving Your Words power by using I am affirmations- Day Two

The words you speak shape your life. How do you perceive yourself? What are your strengths? Do you believe that you are fabulous and capable of any and everything you desire?  Day two encouraged me to envision and reinforce all the things I am and that I want to become. I used this as an opportunity to redefine my purpose and to celebrate the beauty of being a flawless yet divine being. It is a basic principle of life what you say and think   you eventually become. We are often so discouraged and frustrated by the events of life we forget our power. Being the former art student that I am I took out my sketchbook and used this one as an excuse to draw. I pretty much wrote whatever came to mind. Lucy asked us to draft 10 affirmations and here are mine.


I AM :
*abundantly blessed
* loving and accepting of all of my flaws
* a work in progress. Life was never meant to be perfect only to be enjoyed
* healthy and vibrant
* deserving of all the good things that life has to offer
* determined to achieve all my goals
* creating a life that I love
*am strong and focused
* open and accepting to change
*love and appreciate me

I am affirmations #bajezen #yourwordshavepower #affirmations #inspiration


 Mediation Is The Medication- Day Three 


Mediation has been a part of my daily routine for approximately three years now. It is one of my favourite tools to calm the crazy I got started with and still am in love with guided meditations. Guided meditations are probably the only time that I can follow instructions or appreciate someone telling me what to do.
Lucy recommends the following podcasts to get you started :
One Mind Dharma
Mindful In Minutes
Tracks To Relax
Insight Timer App

I usually find my videos on YouTube or I use  one  these following apps :
Check out the healing benefits of meditation HERE. It takes a while to get into it but I find meditation to be very effective in keeping me centered and trust me it takes a lot to do that.

meditation is the medication #bajezen #mediation #balance #life balance #inspiration #self-care #soulcare

 Building Confidence- Day Four 

Learn to love and appreciate your abilities; that is the meaning of confidence. We all doubt ourselves and even the most solid and grounded of us have those moments where we feel less than confident. Lucy suggested visualizing every day and I totally endorse that. Visualize yourself as confident and living the life you desire. Visualizing helps me stay focused on my goals even when circumstances are less than ideal.


Self-confidence -#believeinyourself #makemiracles #lifequotes #inspiration #soulcare


 Crafting A Morning Routine- Day Five 

 Start the day on a positive note so that whatever transpires throughout the day can not really phase you. Wake up and do something you love, think happy thoughts. Listen to something that stirs your very soul. Get moving. Pray. Meditate. Make love. Whatever gets you feeling in touch with your soul. I long for a morning routine that does not involve me cursing my alarm and wishing it was Saturday. The morning routine that I strive for is a ten min meditation, ten minutes of yoga and listening to a ten-minute motivational track. For days when life does not go as planned; I downloaded some affirmation tracks on my phone to listen to during my walk to work. I find that at least one or a combination of these gets me in the right frame of mind to start the day.

Start the Day Off Right -#morningroutine #selfcaretips #personaldevelopment #inspiration #motivation


 This challenge was a breath of fresh air. The main thing that it taught me is that I have to be consistent. The journey to inner peace and balance is a continuous one and although life can get tricky we must continue to do the things that bring us joy and spark our spirits. You can find Lucy Smith on Succeed Now Or Facebook.


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How you start the day is Important #morningroutine #selfcare #selflove #selfcareideas #inspiration

How do you think is the best way to start your day? 

Love and Blessings Tachi











Happy Healthy November -20 Day Mental Health Challenge

mental health challenge bajezen


Hi there lovelies,
It has been a while since I have been in this space. These past few months have been a mishmash of all things crazy. Highs and lows and everything in between. I found myself feeling quite stressed, uninspired and literally wanting to take a nap until the year ends.
When I find myself feeling off-balance I always look for ways to get myself centered again because I am totally useless to those nearest and dearest to me when I am not functioning t my peak. Let’s face it none of us are.

self -care bajezen

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We are fast approaching the end of the year; in my opinion the two busiest months of the entire year. I was so pleased when one of my sisters shared this Mental health Challenge on Facebook. I thought this is exactly what I need to add a little zen to my daily crazy.
Why not start November on a positive note and recharge, renew and restore your spirit. You would be totally surprised at how a few simple changes can boost your mood and outlook on life .. Also maybe several cups of coffee and affirmation tracks on repeat.

mental health bajezen




I would absolutely love it if you join me in this challenge. I love the simplicity of it and it can be easily incorporated into even the most hectic of daily routines.
Hit me up in the comments. Introduce yourself and let me know your plans, goals for the rest of the year. Only two more months to go
Let-s end this one with a bang . Join me and have a Happy healthy November 🙂


Feel free to share with your friends and loved ones because everything is more fun with the ones you love.

mental health bajezen

Diy Multipurpose Scrub : Cheap , Easy And Effective


diy all over body scrub bajezen

I came up with this simple multipurpose scrub while I was making my morning coffee. It honestly is quite difficult to find affordable quality anything in Barbados. I made this one for my hands they were looking a bit rough. It is so easy anyone can do it! Best of all it is made from ingredients that you can find right in your cupboard.

  bajezen diy scrub

For the small batch, I used
Two tbsps. sugar
Two tbsps. of Epsom salts
Two tbsps. of ground coffee
You can use coconut oil or olive oil 
And a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  I used orange.
I used the massage oil pictured as it was what I had on hand. 

You can make it gritty or moister that would depend on how you like your scrubs.

I left my hands feeling smooth and refreshed. You can also use it for your feet or as a body scrub. If you are like me and or on a budget check out Six Everyday Products For A More Beautiful You.  Natural is where it is at. Let me know if you give this one a try. What are some of your favourite diy beauty products? I always love new ideas 🙂 


natural body scrub bajezen

Namaste and Slay : Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

choosing yoga mat guide bajezen


Any yoga practitioner whether they are a beginner or a seasoned professional needs a yoga mat. I have already mentioned the numerous benefits of yoga in my previous post: Yoga Is for Everyone. Have I  convinced you? 


 I have purchased a few mats in the past; none of which I was particularly in love with. I decided it was time for a change and did some research. I never knew there were so many options out there.  Investing in the right yoga mat will enhance your yoga practice tenfold. Everyone has their own style and unique flair so you definitely want to choose the mat that will cater to your specific needs. Did you know that there are different mats for hot yoga versus regular yoga?

Here are a Few Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mat 



Your Type Of Practice 



choosing yoga mat bajezen


When making a purchase deciding which product to choose is always one of the most difficult factors. Need some help choosing your dream mat?  Reviews . com compared 30 of the most popular mats on the market. This comprehensive article took into account several variables including durability, material, composition, thickness, yoga style, price and so much more!  Check out their full guide here … http://www.reviews.com/best-yoga-mat/ You won’t be disappointed.


I hope you find the perfect mat for your needs. Let’s Namaste and play together. Let me know in the comments which one did/would you choose?

Here’s to a happy practice and a more beautiful, balanced and blissful you. Love and Blessings Tachi . 



Self – Care Means Making The Most Of Your Time

Last night I watched the fireworks went to bed, woke up and it was September. Has the year felt this way to you too? I have lost count how many times I have heard people commenting about how quickly the time is flying. That simple statement inspired me to ask myself,  How are you spending your time?


Time is not a renewable resource. In fact, it is your most precious commodity. Whatever you dedicate your time to creates the story of your life. What kind of story are you writing?    IMG_5397
Now I am by no means a time management expert. I am just a semi-organized mother who does her best to make each day less chaotic.

Your time is priceless

We all have countless obligations; work, relationships, family not to mention trying to maintain a social life. Fulfilling these obligations can sometimes leave us drained. How do we avoid being pulled in so many directions?

Take time for yourself.

You can not be everything to everyone. We simply were not built this way. Find an activity that brings you joy and peace and do it every day. The time you spend nurturing your spirit is non-negotiable. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating well. Life is all about trying to maintain a balance. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Unless of course, it’s chocolate or wine :))


make yourself a priority bajezen


Learn to say No.

No is such a simple word but sometimes it’ seems to leave our vocabulary especially when we try to please our loved ones. Realise that not everything or everyone you entertain will enrich the soil of your life. Before you say yes to anyone or anything ask yourself :
How will this improve my life?              
Will this help me achieve my goals?
Does this individual have my best interests at heart or are they self-serving and along for the ride?


I can not stress this enough. Your energy is a commodity that should be cherished. Nothing wears you down quicker than wasting your time with pointless situations and cynical individuals. This is why we should also evaluate our relationships. Sometimes we keep people around way past their expiration date. We would not eat 10-day old food so why do we tolerate stale relationships? 

self care bajezen


Create a solid routine

How you spend the majority of your time can make or break you. It is important to prioritize. In order to effectively manage your time i:e make time for the things that your love or want you must determine what your top priorities are. Consider how you spend the majority of your day and make adjustments in accordance with your priorities.

IMG_5398 (1)IMG_5399
Now it is impossible to plan every aspect of your day. Just ensure that you start each day on a positive note. It will lay the foundation for your day. I love listening to or reading something positive in the morning. It is hard to shake what is rooted in your subconscious. Something about a positive beginning makes you feel like you can vanquish negativity. 

Ditch the complaining

Oh, how we seem to love to bitch about our problems. We are all guilty of it. Guess what? Complaining changes absolutely nothing. When we complain we only attract more things to complain about. Focus on what you are grateful for. If you want to make a real change in your life, you have to act. Make the time you have count spend it searching for solutions not magnifying your problems. No one wants to spend time with someone who constantly goes on and on about their problems. 

Stop Procrastinating.

How many times have you said Nah, I will do that tomorrow and tomorrow becomes never. Both hands in the air I am guilty as charged. I have gotten better at not putting things off. I must confess though I used to write my best papers under pressure. Sometimes doing things at the last-minute can spark some awesome creative ideas. Other times it can leave us feeling overwhelmed and even lead to anxiety attacks. It really all comes down to motivation. I wish there was a secret pill to combat procrastination. I have found, however it usually creeps in when I have to do things I do not really want to do. Like going to a job I hate. Sometimes in life, you just have to suck it up and get it.

I think the best way to make the most of your time is to live in the here and now. When you wake up; decide how you are going to tackle that particular day. Make lists if you have to. Work on your goals progressively. Be organized, stay focused but most importantly,  make time for fun. Life is nothing without making time for all the stuff that brings us joy. The ultimate way to maximise the time you are given is to live a life that suits you.

Have a Wonderful Sunday Everyone. Love and Blessings .. Tachi  

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12 Big Benefits of Meditation

12 big benefits of meditation bajezen.blog


I first decided to try meditation about a year ago. I was feeling totally stressed and really out of it. I tried it on a whim really. I thought what do I have to lose? I took to YouTube to search for a meditation video.They were so many but I was looking for something short and to the point, to begin with.

Patience is not a virtue that I possess.(work in progress) I tried the first video that popped up which happened to be Bexlife . One short meditation and I was convinced.There really is a meditation for every one of life’s issues.All it took was four minutes. It is so simple anyone can do it! Not a lot of time but a whole lot of benefits. So, of course, I had to buy her book You Have Four minutes to Change Your Life. I can’t wait to read it. It only came today. Hey, I am late to the party it launched in February. If you have not given meditation a try I would encourage anyone to try it.20170808_182118 (1)

Afterall it only takes a few minutes to get in touch with yourself and find your bliss
I’d ask you to trust me on this but hey; I’d rather you decide for yourself.

Improve your emotional well-being

It reduces stress caused by worry, fear, anxiety.
It helps you to relax which will increase your levels of optimism and self-awareness.
It improves your mood and promotes happiness. A happier you will have better relationships. Those closest to you will directly benefit from your new-found emotional intelligence and stability.

Need a mental boost? 

Mediation improves mental strength and focus. It grounds you to the present moment and allows you to heighten your consciousness.
The repetition of mantras and the focus on your breath can improve concentration and memory.
With time and practice, you will learn to ignore distractions and focus your attention on what is important. A definite plus of this is not feeling overwhelmed when you are swamped with several tasks on your to do list.

Need a healthier body?

Meditation increases immunity. Since meditation fosters a positive environment in the mind it significantly improves immune functions within the brain and the body. It can boost antibodies.The result? A healthier, stronger you.
Improves breathing and heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Improves sleep
Aids in the management of chronic pain
Improves metabolism which can help with weight loss

Think of meditation as your mental, emotional and physical detox.
A few minutes a day can help you lead a better, more balanced and happier life.

These are just a few of the benefits of meditation. The wonderful advantages of having a meditation practice really are too many to list. So what are you waiting for ? Give it a try today.


Image from the artofliving .org 



Beginners Guide to yoga :Yoga is for everyone



What is Yoga?

The word ”yoga” literally means union . Wikipedia defines it as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in Ancient India. Yoga is an art designed to harmonize the development of the body, mind, and spirit. If you are in search of a practical way to find balance in your life; then yoga is for you. No special skills required.


Image from http://bit.ly/2vpd6zb

Styles of Yoga 

There are several types of Yoga. According to an article sourced from Mind Body Green  

There are 14 main types. With these varying styles, you can most definitely find one to cater to your individual needs.



Bikram or Hot yoga 











Health Benefits of Yoga 

Yoga is a superb tool for staying healthy. It is preventative and restorative. Best of all, it is a completely natural way for the body to heal itself.

Physical Benefits include :

Increased flexibility                 Increased muscle tone

Improved respiration             Improved energy and vitality 

Maintaining a balanced metabolism       Weight reduction

Improved cardio and circulatory health     Boost Immunity 

Improved Athletic Performance        Protection from Injury 


Image courtesy http://bit.ly/2kOj0jf

Mental Benefits 

Any yogini can attest that the practice of yoga is an exemplary combatant for stress. Stress can often present with symptoms of back and neck pain, sleeping problems and the list goes on. Its  incorporation of movement and breathing techniques can boost :


Relaxation of the body  

Mental clarity

 Improvement of mood

It can also aid with depression. 


Common yoga poses or asanas include :



Warrior 1-2-3

Downward facing Dig 




Bridge Upward facing dog 


Image courtesy http://bit.ly/2tW3yaa

If I have convinced you and you want to give yoga a try you can find several helpful beginners videos on YouTube. For those of us who are more social, you can sign up for a class in your area. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Here are a few of the channels I have tried in the past :

Tara Stiles 

Boho Beautiful 

Yoga with Adriene 

Eckhart yoga 

Sunina Young 

So there you go are you psyched about getting started? Just grab a mat and begin your journey of total well-being today. I will list below a couple of other websites for more in-depth information. Happy Transformation Tuesday. It’s a new month do something good for yourself today. Namaste 








Self care isn’t just for Sundays

self care is not just for sundays



Self-care isn’t just for Sundays. For most of us, Sundays are typically a day of rest. Having worked most Sundays for the past few months; I have grown to appreciate having this day all to myself. Something about Sundays makes me just want to chill, eat good food and lounge around in my PJs all day.

Hopefully, you guys have some downtime today to relax and reflect on the week. For those of us who are really high-strung; this your reminder to take it easy. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and check out some of my tips.

Last week I was featured on the website of a local entrepreneur. She has recently launched her website which promotes a message of positivity and motivation. My article was all about self-care. Kudos to her and anyone trying to spread some light in this sometimes very dark world.  Check out her website 

Remember to take care of yourself today and every day. Happy Sunday Everyone.

What are your favourite self-care rituals? 

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