Soursop Punch

It’s soursop season here in Barbados. I remember when I was younger we had a tree in our back yard with these funny shaped prickly green fruits. I decided to make some soursop punch today as I am trying to include some healthier foods into my diet.



What is Soursop?

According to Wikipedia, The soursop is the fruit of the Annona muricata, a broad leaf flowering evergreen tree. Its exact origin is unknown.


What does it taste like?

It is creamy like a blend of banana and coconut. It may have a slightly tart citrus flavor with a hint of strawberry and or pineapple. The taste to me is really very unique and oh so delicious.


What are some of the Health Benefits?

The soursop is rich in Vitamin B, C, and antioxidants.
Some health benefits include :
Anti-inflammatory – Soothing pain and improving flexibility caused by arthritis or gout.
Relieves congestion and soothes irritation caused by respiratory ailments.
Relieves stress and can aid with insomnia.
The seeds can be pulverized, made into a paste and used as a beauty treatment which can reduce blemishes, wrinkles and age spots.
It contains unique organic compounds which can fight cancer.
It improves gastrointestinal health.

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What can I make with it?

Soursop can be used to make tea (the leaves ) drinks, ice cream, smoothies and other tasty desserts. It is also applied to the skin as a beauty treatment. 

Here’s what you need to make Soursop Punch 

A ripe soursop . You will know it is ripe when it is soft to the touch.
2 Plastic containers
A strainer 

 A fork and spoon for mixing
A pitcher 
Nutmeg and Vanilla essence (or extract )   Sugar or sweetener of your choice 
Water  and Milk of your choice (I used evaporated milk )


  1. 1) Peel the soursop and break in into segments. Remove the heart which is in the middle and usually harder and a different color to the flesh.


2) Place segments in the strainer and run through until dry. Repeat until you have completed all segments.

3) Place dried soupsop and seeds into a container with water. You can run this through the strainer once more and toss.



Depending on the yield you can add more water (if it is too thick ) A bit of nutmeg, milk, vanilla essence and sugar (or sweetener of your choice). Mix according to your taste. 

 Place in the fridge and chill. You can place some of the punch in an ice tray and pop them in the freezer for a refreshing snack. Or if you have small plastic bags available you can make what we call In Barbados ”sucka bubbies”  or cool aids.  

 I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy recipe. It is quite tasty and exotic.Let me know if you guys would give this a try. Love and Blessings Tachi

Sources Wikipedia and . Featured Image from Google.  

Tropical Smoothie with a twist


Today I just felt the need for a smoothie. I often freeze fruits and vegs just in case . I am a bit of a smoothie addict at the moment. They help me to beat the heat and are healthy too. As a true island girl, I am a bit obsessed with coconuts and pineapple. Something about them just screams tropical bliss! 

I call this one Mangocolada.

Here is the simple recipe    :

1 can of coconut milk       20170812_134839
1 banana
 a piece of ginger (optional )
1 half of a mango or one small mango 
1 slice of pineapple (or 1 small can I prefer the fresh pineapple )
Sweetener is optional
I also added a dash of cinnamon I swear I put it on everything
Blend and serve or pop in the freezer for a bit if you like it extra cold.


If u want something with a little more of a kick. I added just a dash of Cockspur pineapple coconut rum. Turn a smoothie into a cocktail tada.

Happy Tuesday guys. What’s your favourite smoothie recipe? 

Traditional Bajan Cuisine : My 6 faves

traditional bajan food bajezen


In this modern-day society, many of the traditional customs have fallen by the wayside.

We have become so ”advanced” but are we really?  Or are we on the verge of becoming self-absorbed, consumer driven selfie taking zombies? Maybe I am being overly dramatic; I have been accused of having an overly active imagination.

People here in Barbados have complained about a lack of community spirit. The society has become more ”me” based and less ”we” based . I, however, do not like to generalise. There are still people out there who are respectful, caring and willing to share. Let’s not compare ”then ” and ”now” because as humans we all have short comings. Each generation has had their vices. There ends the preachy segment of this post.

Let’s talk about traditional Bajan food . I am going to list my six favourites. If you ever visit give them a try.

Cou Cou or Coo Coo and flying fish is our national dish. It’s a mixture of cornmeal and okra. It can go with any type of meat. I love it with pork.

Photo courtesy 


Pudding and Souse. This is what I like to call a weekend dish. We usually have  Souse on a Saturday but for me, any day of the week will do. What we call souse is pickled pork and the pudding is steamed sweet potato.  It can also be eaten with breadfruit.  Just delicious if you are not vegetarian of course.20170725_182537

Photo by Xquizeat Foods

Macaroni pie. This is the Bajan version of mac and cheese. Just baked and just as yummy. Cheesy Goodness.


Fishcakes . These are typically made with pickled cod-fish mixed with flour and seasonings to make a batter, which is then fried. When you visit, ask for a bread and two. It’s usually a salt bread with two fish cakes.


Tamarind Balls. The best of both worlds, a sweet and sour snack. Brings back childhood memories. My grand mother used to make them for us. We had a tamarind tree in our back yard. These are my bff Mich fave as well.


Image from Google

All of these dishes; you are going to need something to wash them down right?

Let’s talk about rum.   Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum in Barbados. It was established in  1703 . Rum in Barbados is as common as the beach. There are approximately 1500 rum shops in Barbados. No, we are not all drunkards lol but we know rum. The plus is most of these shops serve the traditional delicacies I have listed and many others. Rum and coke is our favourite. There are also many varieties of rum white, brown, spiced. the choice is yours.


Hope you enjoyed this little slice of  Bajan cuisine.  You can simply google any of the dishes listed if you want to experiment with any of them.  Thanks for reading.


Cake is Life : Collage

Baking is one of my favourite past times. Not only do I love it because I have a huge sweet tooth; I love the opportunity to create something that brings joy and comfort to friends and family.

For me, cake is a metaphor for life .Sometimes you have all the ingredients and method correct and still have a giant flop on your hands. I have had a few flops on my hands like the black forest cake that resembled the leaning tower of Pisa . Nevertheless, it was delicious.

Life lesson: Even though things don’t turn out as planned, there may still be something sweet that comes out of it all. Think about it cake is the ultimate expression of celebration. From birthdays to weddings to friendly outings we enjoy cake .

We need comfort, we eat cake, we laugh, we cry there is cake!  The varieties and possibilities are endless . There is something for everyone because cake is life .

Summer time :tropical smoothies



Summertime means tropical drinks! It is currently mango season so obviously, it was my go-to for this week’s smoothie. I usually go with whatever I have in the freezer. So that’s how I came up with mango cantaloupe and banana smoothie. I mixed that will some rice milk and a drop of blue agave nectar and chia seeds. Yummy . Depending on your tastes you may not need a sweetener. Also, I read that blue agave is no longer considered as healthy as was once stated. I also read that about coconut oil. I tend to take these studies with a grain of salt. I do the best I can with what I have. I think life is too short to not eat whatever the hell you want. All things in moderation of course. You just need to find a balance. 20170623_18454220170623_18463020170623_184838 (1)20170623_184838

Baking and childhood memories

baking bajezen



baking bajezenpound cake pound cake

I grew up with my mum – a baker. I positively think it is in my blood. Something about baking just takes me to a happy place or is that the thought of devouring the finished product ?? not quite sure. One of my favourite childhood treats was pound cake. My uncle who lived in the USA would bring us them every time he would visit. So sweet and so damn tasty. He also used to give me $1 which I thought was a million at the time. Today I just felt like taking a trip back there so I got out one of my recipe books and did the damn thing. They came out pretty awesome. Easy to make, satisfying and tasty. It goes great with stewed fruit, jam, cheese you name it ?

Here is my go-to pound cake recipe :

1 1/2 cups of cake flour

3/4 cup (1 1/2) sticks of butter at room temp

1 cup of sugar 

3 eggs 

1/4 tsp salt 

3 tbsp milk 

2 tsp vanilla extract 

The recipe can easily be doubled. 

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour  9 by 5-inch loaf pan. Sift together flour and salt. 

Cream together butter and sugar for about 1 minute.

Add milk and eggs one at a time, beating after each addition, also add vanilla and mix well.

Slowly add flour about a 1/2 cup at a time. Mix at low-speed. 

Scrape batter into prepared pan.

Bake 50-60 minutes or until wooden pick or knife is inserted into the center comes out clean.

I honestly can not remember where I found this recipe. It is my go-to for a simple sweet treat. It is pretty much a classic. 



A Taste Of The Good Life : My 1st Vegan Experience

vegan bajezen



To be honest, when I think about vegan food its synonymous with eating paper ? As an adventurous food loving Libra I decided to give it a try; because healthy is the new sexy. So I took the leap and visited The Good Life – it’s located in the Hastings area. It’s a cool vibe place like Bob Marley meets surfer dude. Not only is it five minutes from the beach, the food is legit. Love at first bite. Everything was freshly made and the service was excellent. Good service gets 100 points from me. I had an all veggie spinach wrap which was so big I had to take home half, brown rice (chicken ) I broke the rules there and of course a smoothie. ( I swear they soothe my soul ). I should mention they are not exclusively vegan as the menu states it is An Eco -Cafe, and Bar. Anytime you are in Barbados or in the area; give it a try. When it comes to good food I don’t discriminate. 

good life cafe bajezengood life menu bajezengood life menu 2 bajezengood life cafe smoothiegood life cafe bajezengood life wrapsgood life rice bajezenhemp facts bajezengood life bajezen

Check them out on Trip Advisor 

New recipes

New Recipes



I don’t really know what I enjoy more cooking or eating! Since I have a new addition to the family, I have been trying all sorts of recipes.? I am trying to lead by example and eat healthily and also to provide her with good nutrition as well. I have to admit some of her food is addicting. I made pumpkin muffins (because I had a huge piece and no idea what to do with it ) and kale salad .. I actually like kale.? The kale salad is really a mishmash experiment .. kale, apple, dates, walnuts, and cheddar cheese with lemon, canola oil, salt, cayenne and black kale salad bajezen kale salad bajezenpumpkin muffins bajezenpumpkin  muffins  bajezenpepper. I really hope it tastes good.?? The pumpkin muffins were a hit with the household. Who says veggies have to be boring?